About Branding Compass

Emily BrackettHi! I’m Emily Brackett, founder of Branding Compass. I developed Branding Compass after running an award-winning branding firm, Visible Logic, for more than 15 years.

I wanted to create a tool to help business owners understand branding and get a strong start to their branding, even if they only had a small budget. After years of working with startup founders and business owners, I realized that too many of them were confused and overwhelmed by branding. They knew it was important to build a strong a brand, but they often made poor decisions. I saw too many business owners rush into designing a logo or their website without being able to communicate a clear vision for their brand. They skipped over the foundational work of writing a Unique Value Proposition and being able to articulate what’s truly special about their product or service.

Branding Compass follows the same type of process we use with our own branding clients. It walks you through the same types of questions that an expert would ask you. It will help you define who your target customer is, understand how you are different and better than your competition, and identify your truly unique benefits. Then, you will receive recommendations that are built off of my two decades of design and marketing experience.

With your Branding Compass report in hand, you’ll be able to speak and write clearly about the benefits of your product or service to your ideal customer. You’ll get recommendations on the best colors, fonts and visuals for your branding and marketing. Use this information yourself, or turn your report over to your logo or website designer to get better results.

I encourage you to give it a try. You can walk through the entire workbook and gain so much clarity about your brand, all for free. Then, for as little as $99 you can get your personalized report.