The new feature provides wordmark logos rooted in brand insights and designed to attract a business’ ideal customer.

PORTLAND, ME — Branding Compass, a web-based app that helps small businesses and startups with their branding, is now offering professionally designed wordmark logos for as little as $249.

While many online logo design companies have little understanding of a customer’s business or brand, Branding Compass’ logo design service includes a robust and comprehensive brand discovery process. This ensures that each logo accurately reflects the user’s business and best attracts their ideal customer.

“Every business owner wants a great logo,” said Branding Compass founder Emily Brackett. “But far fewer business owners understand the amount of thought, research and exploration that goes into creating one.”

Brackett speaks from experience, she has run her own award-winning branding and design firm for nearly 20 years. “A high-quality logo is the result of high-quality brand discovery,” Brackett pointed out. “And that’s exactly what Branding Compass does.”

Branding Compass’ process helps create an attractive, effective wordmark, as well as a wide array of personalized design and marketing recommendations to use in conjunction with their logo. This includes insights on colors, fonts, visuals and words to use in creating business cards, brochures, printed materials, websites and other marketing materials.

“Your brand is so much more than a logo,” said Brackett. “Everything from the font to the colors to the words you use speaks volumes about your brand. That is why we’ve designed Branding Compass to provide small businesses and startups a logo as well as the critical branding and marketing assets that often go overlooked.”

About Branding Compass

Branding Compass is an affordable online tool that helps business owners better understand and strengthen their brand. It provides foundational elements needed to produce marketing material, such as unique value propositions, customer profiles and style guidelines. It was first launched in 2017 and is a product of Visible Logic, an award-winning branding and content marketing firm that was established in 2001 in Portland, ME.

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