Why our customers love Branding Compass

Do your marketing faster and better

I absolutely loved the visual recommendations and voice advice! Thanks to Branding Compass, I can produce my newsletters, blogs, and social media content faster and more confidently.

— Maddie Purcell, Founder
Fyood Kitchen

Startup branding advice

Branding Compass has been invaluable to the DeepFit brand. As a solo entrepreneur, I absolutely need this smart, affordable advice on words, colors and ideas to use when I speak and advertise!

— Dan Farnbach, Founder

Personalized design and branding advice

I LOVE this report!

— Don Gooding, Founder
Four Colors of Money and Former Executive Director, Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development

Accurately captures your unique business

With no exaggeration, I thought Branding Compass was brilliant. I was really impressed by how well it distilled the basic info I provided into a coherent UVP.

— Tim Duggan, President
Shawsheen Air Services, Inc.

Match your offerings to your clients

I’ve struggled with the question of how to describe what I do for 10 years, but the “Market-Product Fit Chart” really highlighted a disconnect between my services and what my customers need that I needed to address. As a result, I’m going to refocus and rebrand my business!

— Johnna Major, President
Cornerstone HR

Enlightening experience

The 60 minute ‘pause’ required to respond to the Branding Compass questionnaire was incredibly self-reflective and enlightening to me. The questions are ‘spot on’, and require you begin to look at your Company from the eyes of others. The exercise alone is a great value, and the results are incredibly enlightening.

— Chris MacKenzie, EVP Sales and Marketing
STARC Systems

Build a UVP quickly

Talk about cutting to the chase! When I’ve done this before it’s taken me days of waffling and moving semi-colons to come up with a UVP only 75% as straightforward as the one Branding Compass helped me develop in about an hour and a half.

— Carrie Yardley, Founder
Yardley Esq and Professional Intersections

Learn to write and speak about your brand

Branding Compass is a neat tool to any new business starting out. The font styles, color schemes and examples of other brands is helpful. My favorite thing was the word cloud.

— Heather Ashby, Founder

Learn to communicate your value

Branding Compass is a great exercise for both established and new brands to make sure you are communicating your value to the right audience.

— Whitney Fox
Whitney J. Fox Photography

Concrete ideas for your logo and website design

The report generated concrete ideas and examples to work with as I think about logo and website design, packaging and marketing.

— Lisa Parker
Cakes for All Seasons, LLC

Grow your business

Branding Compass is an easy and worthwhile way to improve your marketing, better target sales efforts, and grow your business.

— Lisa Plimpton
Plimpton Research

Efficient and concise

Branding Compass is really efficient at helping with branding strategy. It is so easy to use and I love how the report is so concise.

— Sharon Herrick
Illuminated Me by Sharon Herrick, LLC

Intuitive and fun

Branding Compass is very intuitive and fun to fill out. It will be valuable in sharing with new team members; especially around tone & voice for my brand.

— Carolyn Delaney, Founder and Publisher
Journey Magazine