Get your branding going in the right direction!

Our fast, interactive tool includes:

A Branding Roadmap

Learn to describe your business with the right words and visual style to capture the unique character of your business.

Online workbook

Online workbook

A clear, step-by-step discovery process guides you through the whole process. Work at your own speed, save and return anytime.

Unique value proposition

Unique Value Proposition

Automatically turns your answers into a succinct written message about the value of your product or service.

Creative Breif

Creative Brief

One personalized report with typography, color and design recommendations. Customized advice from branding and marketing experts.

product Customer fit

Product-Customer Fit

See how your product or service matches with your ideal customer. Say the right words to connect with your ideal client.



Clear next steps for how to use the report as you develop your logo, web site or marketing materials.

Quickly and affordably learn to describe your business more clearly and receive expert, customized branding advice.

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“I LOVE the report!”

—Don Gooding, Owner, Four Shades of Money web site, former Executive Director, Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development

“Branding Compass has been invaluable to the DeepFit brand. As a solo entrepreneur, I absolutely need this smart, affordable advice on words, colors and ideas to use when I speak and advertise!”

—Dan Farnbach, Founder, DeepFit

“With no exaggeration, I thought Branding Compass was brilliant. I was really impressed by how well it distilled the basic info I provided into a coherent UVP.”

—Tim Duggan, President, Shawsheen Air Services, Inc.

“Talk about cutting to the chase! When I've done this before it's taken me days of waffling and moving semi-colons to come up with a UVP only 75% as straightforward as the one Branding Compass helped me develop in about an hour and a half.”

—Carrie Yardley, Founder of Yardley Esq and Professional Intersections

Step 1

Guided Questionnaire

Branding Compass will walk you through an online workbook to help you determine your distinct market position, articulate the benefits of your product or service and identify the key characteristics of your ideal customer. Using your own words, Branding Compass will automatically generate a Unique Value Proposition. The process takes less than an hour.

Step 2

Customized Creative Brief

Your personalized Branding Compass report will check your market/product fit and will confirm if you are using the right words with your prospects. Best of all, you’ll receive a creative brief with customized typography, color and design recommendations. Expect your report within 2 business days of completing your online workbook.



Includes the online workbook with unlimited access and revisions, plus one customized Branding Compass report.


Includes a consultation to review your report in addition to the online workbook and customized Branding Compass report.

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