Bring your brand to life

Discover, define and develop a brand as unique as your small business.

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Chris Cavallari, The Acadian

“Having a strong brand for your company is such an important part of your overall business. Branding Compass makes the process of creating and refining your brand extremely easy. An hour’s worth of your time, and you’ll be on your way to developing the strongest brand for your company, all for a very reasonable price.”

—Chris Cavallari, The Acadian

Follow the right process to get a brand you’ll love

Our step-by-step, expert-guided process helps you recognize your specific strengths, describe your best customers, and understand how you stand apart from your competitors.

Then, we’ll make personalized recommendations on the best words and visuals for your unique business.

branding compass

Answer questions about your business

Use pick lists, short answers, and drag-n-drop rankings to tell us about your business, customers, and competitors.

branding compass

Receive personalized recommendations

Discover the best visuals and words for your brand. See a sample.

Build your brand

Take our recommendations to use on your own, with your own team or continue to work with our creative team.

Branding Compass is right for you if…

You’re not sure where to start

Branding Compass starts at the beginning. You’ll gain insights into what makes you and your company unique and then turn that into an effective website.

You struggle with what to say on your website

Most website builders only focus on the design and give you no help with the writing. Branding Compass will recommend the best words and messaging to attract your ideal customers.

You want an affordable DIY solution

Branding Compass provides expert guidance that you can take to be more successful with web-building tools or hiring a designer.

You want award-winning designers working on a complete customized brand

Our team of US-based designers and writers can help you develop a logo, website, social media graphics, and printed marketing materials for your business. 

Carrie Yardly

“Talk about cutting to the chase! When I’ve done this before it’s taken me days of waffling and moving semi-colons to come up with a UVP only 75% as straightforward as the one Branding Compass helped me develop in about an hour and a half.”

—Carrie Yardley, Founder Yardley Esq and Professional Intersections

Feel confident about your branding

Branding Compass takes the vision in your head and brings it to life.

Personalized and insightful

Personalized and insightful

Answer simple and thought-provoking questions to better understand your brand. You’ll get a clear picture of your brand.

Created by branding experts

Created by branding experts

Award-winning branding professionals built our online tool to help you define your brand and get a professional website.

Fast and easy

Fast and easy

Branding can feel confusing and overwhelming, but our step-by-step process makes it easy to finally get your brand and website launched.

I’m ready to build my brand!