Fast, affordable, expert branding advice.

Our interactive tool helps you discover the best words, colors and fonts for your branding and marketing.

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“I absolutely loved the visual recommendations and voice advice! Thanks to Branding Compass, I can produce my newsletters, blogs, and social media content faster and more confidently.”

— Maddie Purcell, Founder, Fyood Kitchen

“Branding Compass is really efficient at helping with branding strategy. It is so easy to use and I love how the report is so concise.”

— Sharon Herrick, Illuminated Me

“I LOVE the report!”

— Don Gooding, Owner, Four Shades of Money web site, former Executive Director, Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development

“The report generated concrete ideas and examples to work with as I think about logo and website design, packaging and marketing.”

— Lisa Parker, Cakes for All Seasons

Your personalized report helps you…

Do your marketing faster and better.

Stop wasting time agonizing about each design decision. You’ll have expert-recommended colors, fonts and visuals.

Speak or write with confidence.

Use the best words in your elevator speech or on your website to attract your ideal customers.

Have a creative brief that points you in the right direction.

Communicate with designers to get the logo or website you envision. Or make the most of DIY tools.

Get unstuck. Finally, the right branding tool for you.

Branding effectively—creating a brand image that consistently portrays the right feel for your product or service—is critical to every business. Right now, your prospects are making judgments about your quality, expertise, and value based on your branding.

You know you need a professional brand, but are you overwhelmed and confused by how to make that happen?

You’re knowledgeable in your own industry—whether that’s baking pies or consulting on human resources—but you can’t be expected to be an expert in branding, too. You can hire a firm for branding advice, but that costs thousands of dollars. You can cobble it together yourself (maybe you’ve already tried this?), but you’ll waste a lot of time and energy spinning your wheels.

Branding Compass gives you the level of branding advice you need right now, without draining your energy or bank account. You need a direction for your brand that comes from following a systematic approach to help you identify what makes you special, clearly visualize your brand, and focus on your ideal customers.

The insights behind this interactive, online tool is my experience—built from 15+ years of running an award-winning branding firm. Branding Compass combines my expertise with your individual vision to leapfrog you from fogginess to brand clarity.

It’s easy to find low-cost tools to build your own website or hire a logo designer. But right now, you don’t the understanding to be able to use those tools effectively. After you complete Branding Compass, you’ll walk away with the best words, colors, fonts and visuals for your branding and marketing.

  • It’s fast—it takes about an hour of thoughtful work.
  • It’s insightful—it turns your answers into expert recommendations.
  • It’s affordable—as little as the cost of a month’s worth of Starbucks.

Stop feeling stuck and stumped by branding and walk away with expert recommendations and clear next steps.


Our fast, interactive tool and report includes:

Unique Value Proposition

Unique Value Proposition

Automatically turns your words into a succinct message about the value of your product or service.

Branding Roadmap

Personalized typography, color and design recommendations from a branding expert.

To-Do Lists for Next Steps

To-Do Lists for Next Steps

Clear checklists for how to use the report as you develop your logo, website or marketing materials.

Competitors Review

Competitors Review

See how you are different from your competitors in your benefits, and your visual style.

product Customer fit

Ideal Customer Profile

Understand who is most likely to buy from you, your customer persona.

Product/Market Fit

Brand Alignment

Learn the benefits that are most appealing to your buyers, and the best words for your marketing.

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