How it works

No matter what type of business you have, a strong brand is created by first uncovering and understanding what’s special about you, your customers and what you’re selling. The Branding Compass platform is the easiest, fastest way to get started. 

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Heather Turnbach, OutFit Women's Movement

“I really enjoyed using Branding Compass. It was fun to focus on what mattered and let the tool do its magic.”

—Heather Turnbach, OutFit Women’s Movement

A self-guided, easy-to-follow process

Tell us about your business

You don’t have to know about branding, only about your business. Use pick lists, short answers and drag-n-drop rankings to tell us about your values, your customers, even your competition.

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Personalized report

Receive guidance, suggestions, and instructions

You’ll get customized advice on everything you need for your brand.

  • Fonts & colors
  • Words & phrases to use
  • Brand & design guidance

What’s included

Words & Messaging

Find the best words and follow our writing advice to talk about your business in a way that’s appealing to prospects.


Discover the best fonts, colors and visuals for your branding and marketing. Get design suggestions to define your brand.

Ideal Client

Build an Ideal Customer Profile and learn why understanding your customers is an important part of creating a successful brand.


“I loved working with Branding Compass to get a clearer image of where to take my brand. It made me get really intentional with my vision for my business and helped set into motion some great concepts for marketing and growing. I loved getting such quick results and feedback about next steps.”

—Angela Desrosiers, The Align Experience

Take the first step to a brand you’ll love