Frequently Asked Questions

What is Branding Compass?

Branding Compass is an innovative online tool that helps create or improve your branding to better reflect your services or products. By automating and replicating the process branding experts use, Branding Compass provides insights and recommendations on the best colors, fonts, visuals and words to use in your branding and marketing.

Who should use Branding Compass?

Branding Compass is useful for many different types of people, including startup founders, self-employed business owners, entrepreneurs, small businesses and any other business that needs help improving their branding and promoting their product or service.

What will Branding Compass help me do?

While going through your online workbook, you’ll begin to think about your business in new, eye-opening ways.

After answering questions about your business, you’ll receive personalized recommendations and guidance in the form of a report. This report will help you speak and write more clearly about the benefits of your product or service. It also includes branding recommendations on fonts, colors, visuals, and words to use — which will help you develop your brand and marketing materials that attract your ideal customer.

Branding Compass will also guide you writing a Unique Value Proposition or headline for your website and create a highly visual Ideal Client Profile.

What makes Branding Compass different than other branding options?

Unlike popular logo and website builders or contest sites, Branding Compass is able to deeply understand your business and help you build a brand that reflects its unique characteristics. It also provides you with branding elements that most other sites don’t — like colors, fonts, and recommendations on words and messaging.

Compared to hiring a branding firm, Branding Compass is much more efficient and affordable. Working with a branding firm will likely costs thousands of dollars and take months to get a logo and branding guidelines. And, because Branding Compass was built by the owner of an award-winning branding firm, you’ll be leveraging the same process and approach the professionals use.

How long does Branding Compass take?

Most business owners complete their Branding Compass online discovery workbook in less than an hour. You can begin getting visual recommendations within minutes.

I’m not done, can I save my work?

Your work is automatically saved. Look in your email for a link to get back to your spot in the workbook.

My business has changed, can I keep adjusting the answers in my workbook and get a new Branding Compass report?

Yes! It is an unlimited license. Return to your workbook at any time to change your answers and receive updated recommendations.

What’s included with my report?

Your report will be about 10-20 pages. It will include:

  • customized advice on design, writing, marketing and branding
  • educational information about branding
  • a personalized explanation of your key brand attributes
  • examples of other brands that share these key traits
  • color, typography and design recommendations
  • our Brand Alignment chart that shows you which words are the best to use and which words you should avoid. Many people use this as a way to determine market/product fit because it shows where you are connecting to your ideal customers and where you are not.
  • a review of your competitors so you can easily see how to differentiate from them.
  • a highly visual ideal customer profile.
  • advice on writing and speaking in a way that showcases what’s unique about your product or service
  • checklists packed with actionable next steps to get your branding going