Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

Most business owners complete their Branding Compass workbook in about an hour or two. Then, after you submit your results you should get your report back the next business day.

I’m not done, can I save my work?

Yes, just click on the blue button at the top of every page that says “Don’t lose your work, register now.” You can then save your workbook and return to it later.

Also, you can click the blue “back” button at the bottom of your workbook to move back to an earlier page and change your answers.

What’s included with my report?

Your report will be about 10-20 pages. It will include:

  • educational information about branding
  • a personalized explanation of your key brand attributes
  • examples of other brands that share these key traits
  • color, typography and design recommendations
  • checklists packed with clear next steps to get your branding going

If you have a pro license, you will also receive:

  • a market/product fit chart that shows you visually where you are connecting to your ideal customers and where you are not.
  • a review of your competitors so you can easily see how to differentiate from them.
  • advice on writing in speaking in a way that supports your brand, plus a word cloud that shows you the words you frequently use
  • even more customized advice on design, writing, marketing and branding

If you have a premium license, you will also receive an individual consultation.

Do I get a logo?

No, this is not a logo service. But with your Branding Compass report in hand, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively with a designer about what you’re looking for in a logo. You can get an estimate on customized logo design services from Visible Logic (the parent company of Branding Compass).

My business has changed, can I keep adjust the answers in my workbook and get a new report?

You may access and edit your workbook anytime. We encourage you to keep using the tool to refine your Unique Value Proposition and finesse your small business branding. If you’d like to order an additional report, finish updating your workbook first, then contact us to purchase another report.

My team wants to use this tool together, how does that work?

We recommend that each team member go through the process individually. This allows for all voices to be heard equally. If you are buying 5 or more licenses we offer group discounts, contact us to arrange this.

Additionally, we can provide a customized review of the different reports and share with you a summary of where is agreement and where there are differences and help you gain clarity about the vision for your brand. We are also available for facilitated sessions either in person or by video conferencing. Contact us to learn more.