Wordmark Logo Design Service

Get a simple, professionally designed wordmark logo that brings your brand to life and attracts your ideal customer.

wordmark logo design samples

Great logos don’t just appear. They’re based on a brand’s characteristics and designed to showcase what makes them unique. Because of this, Branding Compass’s logo service is only available as an upgrade from our Creative Basics or Comprehensive packages.

Completing your online discovery workbook and reviewing your visual recommendations is necessary in building the foundation of a well designed and effective logo. With our professional designers and your input, we’ll create a logo that truly represents your brand and appeals to your customers.

A wordmark logo has no symbol or icon. Because of its simplicity, a wordmark is more flexible in its uses and more economical to design. For this reason, they can be especially useful for startups and small businesses. To learn more about wordmark logos and their benefits, read our blog post.

Our process

  1. Complete your Branding Compass online discovery workbook. This is essential in establishing your brand’s identity and receiving visual recommendations that we use to design your logo. This usually takes about an hour.
  2. Tell us what you like. Review your report and let us know your favorite fonts and colors. If you have anything else we need to match or base our design off of, please provide samples. You’ll get your report immediately after submitting your workbook. Take as long as you like to before using our online form to submit your logo details.
  3. Receive your professional designs. Unlike many discount, freelance logo services, your logo will be crafted by a U.S. based professional designer who will provide 12 initial wordmark options. Expect the first round of logo designs in three business days.
  4. Review your designs. Select your top three design options and share any feedback you have with the designer.
  5. Get your final logo. Based on your feedback, Branding Compass will update three wordmarks for your review. You’ll choose one, we’ll make any final adjustments and then send you all the files you’ll need to use it properly. You’ll have a final logo design, all the files and your style guide in about one week.

Get the right files to use your logo effectively

Style Guide from Branding Compass

You can use your brand logo in many places — on websites, business cards, signs, in print and across social media. Which is why it’s critical you get all the right files so your wordmark logo looks appealing and crystal clear no matter where and how you choose to display it.

In addition to giving you all the logo files and various sizes you need, we’ll provide a style guide specifying the exact colors and fonts you should use in order to maintain brand consistency.

You’ll receive:

  • An .eps vector file of your logo
  • Five .png files with transparent backgrounds, in varying sizes
  • Five .jpg files in varying sizes, including high-resolution.
  • A social media profile image
  • A one-page style guide listing the font used, and color(s) used

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