Website Master Class

A done-with-you course that helps you complete your website in just 3 weeks.

Complete your website
Create a brand you love
Begin marketing your business

Are you feeling lost in your branding?  

You know you need to prioritize your branding, but it’s easy to keep putting it off until later because it’s hard to know where to start.

Do you do it all yourself? With what time? 

Do you hire an agency? With what money?

Do you hire and manage a bunch of freelancers to get it done? With what time AND money?

Make real progress… in less than a month  

I designed the Launch Your Website Masterclass to give small business owners a simple and low-cost path towards finally finishing your website. 

I will guide you step-by-step, breaking down the creation of a website down into small, manageable steps. I’ve even built course time to work on your website, to ensure that it actually gets done. 

Because your website is the last thing you should be putting off. 

Your website is critical to your business. It’s your first impression. Your firm handshake that generates interest, conversation, and most importantly – income. 

The result? 

A clean, professional-looking website with coherent branding that sets you apart from your competitors… all at a cost that makes sense for your budget. 

Because this is a done-with-you course, you’ll benefit from my expertise of over 25 years in the branding space, while implementing my suggestions for yourself. You can feel confident in your ability to manage your website yourself.

Basic class

In just 3 weeks, you will have… 

A completed, professional website
Your brand visuals and brand story
A compelling offer
The confidence to update your website



As a VIP, you will achieve more in 5 weeks… 

Everything in the basic class
A 90 day marketing plan
Social media graphics to use and reuse
Expert individualized review of your website
E-newsletter setup


Who will benefit from this masterclass?

If you already have a website but you don’t like it, or it’s too hard to update we’ll get you a better site. If you have no website at all, that’s OK, too.

This class will help nearly any small business owner but is particularly focused on service-based businesses like coaches, consultants, personal or professional services, restaurants and online businesses.

Get Your Website Done in Less Than a Month 

Branding Compass: The driving force behind the Launch Your Website Master Class

Branding Compass

Branding Compass is a unique software that guides you through defining your brand fundamentals. 

Our step-by-step, expert-guided process helps you recognize your specific strengths, describe your best customers, and understand how you stand apart from your competitors.

It’s not AI, and it’s not just a quiz. It’s an expert-designed journey that gives you clarity on your branding.

Meet your instructor

Hi, I’m Emily Brackett, founder of Branding Compass and Visible Logic. 

As a small business owner, I understand how challenging branding and marketing can be, especially if it’s not your expertise. 

I founded Visible Logic 21 years ago, an award-winning branding agency based in Portland, Maine. I love helping small to mid-sized businesses scale through marketing.

What I realized over the years was that solopreneurs and new business owners also need help, but don’t have the resources to hire an agency.

I created Branding Compass as a tool to guide solopreneurs through their brand essentials, so they could find a starting point.

Now, I’m offering the Launch Your Website Master Class to give small business owners the extra push they need to finally prioritize their website and branding.

How you’ll learn

Expert Guided Zoom Sessions

Learn from a branding expert

How it works animation

Step-by-Step Digital Workbook

Work towards a complete website

Community of Business Owners

Network and learn from each other

Course Schedule 

Class starts October 3
(Next class date to be announced soon!)

Zoom sessions are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm ET
VIP Community Workshops are Fridays at 1pm ET

All sessions will be recorded and available for 30 days. 

Week 1: Brand Visuals 

In this first week, you’ll learn about what branding is (and isn’t). We’ll start the signature Branding Compass process, and you’ll start choosing colors and fonts for your brand. 

What we’ll cover: 

  • What is branding 
  • Why you need a simple but great website 
  • Choosing the right name 
  • Choosing colors and fonts 
  • Start thinking about your ideal client 
  • What makes a good offer or CTA  

VIP Community Workshop:

  • Expert feedback on design and visuals.
  • Tailoring your brand to attract your best customers
  • Individual hot seats to get in-depth help.

Week 2: Brand Messaging 

This week we’ll get started on building a coherent message that you can carry through to your website. 

What we’ll cover: 

  • Who do you want to work with?
  • What is your key message and what are the best words? 
  • What tone of voice fits your brand? 
  • Writing your website headline
  • Outlining all website content 
  • How to use AI for copywriting 

VIP Community Workshop:

  • Putting together multi-page sites
  • Expert feedback on brand visuals and messaging.
  • Individual hot seats to get in-depth help.

Week 3: Putting it All Together

In our final week, you’ll bring it all together and you’ll have a complete website! 

What we’ll cover: 

  • Choosing the right platform 
  • Putting together design 
  • Finishing website copy 
  • A clear Call to Action (CTA) 

VIP Community Workshop:

  • Expert review and feedback on your completed website
  • Individual hot seats to get in-depth help.

VIP ONLY! Week 4: 

Now that you have your website complete, it’s time to think about addressing your other marketing goals. 

What we’ll cover: 

  • How to prioritize your marketing efforts
  • Customer journey map (based on Ideal Client Profile) 
  • Building a 90 day marketing plan 

VIP Community Workshop:

  • Expert review and feedback on your visuals, message, website or marketing plan.
  • Individual hot seats to get in-depth help.

Sample Ideal Client Profile

VIP ONLY! Week 5: 

The key to marketing is consistency. In our final week, we’ll set you up with the basics you’ll need to keep going. 

What we’ll cover: 

  • Creating a style guide 
  • Social media graphics 
  • How to set up a successful e-newsletter

VIP Community Workshop:

  • Expert review and feedback on your visuals, message, website or marketing plan.
  • Individual hot seats to get in-depth help.
Example of our one-page style guides

Your investment

Master Class

Get your website live in less than a month!


  • 6 expert-guided Zoom sessions
  • Zoom recordings 
  • Digital workbook 
  • Community of other small business owners 
  • Expert guidance on brand fundamentals 
  • The tools you need to launch and maintain your website


Get your website plus a whole lot more!


  • Everything in the Master Class
  • 10 expert-guided Zoom sessions
  • 4 Community workshops  
  • Individual hot seats for personalized advice
  • Expert review of your website 
  • 90 day marketing plan 
  • Social media graphics 
  • E-newsletter setup 


What platform will I use to build my website?

We are going to talk about the pros and cons of all the major platforms and you’ll be able to use any platform you wish. But honestly, we have some favorites that are simple enough to get your site done while still looking good and being easy to maintain.

Is this class for me?

This class is perfect for any small business owner who has a service-based business. If you’re a coach, consultant, solopreneur or freelancer this is for you!

Does it matter if I’ve already started working on my brand and/or website?

If you have nothing done on your brand, or if you’ve started some of the pieces, we’ll help you get it all finished so you can launch your brand and your business.

What else will I need to pay to create a website?

You will need to pay hosting and domain fees. As part of the course, we will review all of your options for these expenses and help you to determine the best option for your budget.

I’m not sure I can make the Zoom sessions. Are they recorded?

Yes, all Zoom sessions will be recorded. We try to post them as soon as possible after each session and they will be available to you online for 30 days.

I’m not sure I have the time to prioritize my website. Is it really that important?

I understand that as a business owner you have a lot of things competing for your attention. I designed this class to work with the busy schedule of small business owners.

I recommend the VIP option and use the community workshop times to do your work and get feedback.

Websites today are like a business card, or a firm handshake at a networking event. It can open a lot of doors and help accelerate growth. According to the study, 81% of consumers go online to find information and answer any questions about the product or service before making a purchase.

Are there other times for the Zoom calls?

The Zoom calls are on Tuesday and Thursday at 1 ET only, but after each call you will receive the Zoom recording by email, so you don’t miss a thing.

The VIP Community Workshops are at 1pm ET on Fridays.

How is this different from hiring someone to do my website for me?

Hiring an agency or a freelancer to do your website can cost thousands of dollars. This course gives you access to expert knowledge at a reasonable price.

Complete Your Website in Just 3 Weeks!