When you think about branding your new company, the first thing that probably comes to mind is how it will look. Your logo, your colors, the typography, and the images. While visual elements are an essential part of your brand, the words that you use are more critical to get right.

Especially at the start.

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Find the right words to tell your story

When you launch your new product or service, you need to tell people about your business. You may be talking to people at networking events, posting on social media, or having conversations one-on-one.

You’re likely very excited (and maybe even a bit scared) about launching your new venture. Finding customers will be critical to whether you succeed or not. That process begins by talking and writing about your business. You can’t attract, inform and sell to prospects if you don’t use words.

Visuals attract, words convert

An eye-catching sign will attract attention to your store, but it’s how you talk with customers inside that will make the sale.

A well-designed logo will help your business look professional, but you will need to make presentations, proposals, posts, calls, or emails to find and convert customers.

A consistent visual identity will help prospects remember your brand and increase their recognition and trust in you. Still, you will demonstrate your expertise and knowledge of what you say and write.

Creating a beautiful website design will make you look good, but prospects will read your copy to understand your offer and decide whether to buy from you.

Get expert advice on the right words

Everyone talks, and everyone writes. So, many business owners overlook how much they can do to improve what they say and write. Learning to quickly and clearly explain what you do and who you help is essential for marketing and growing your business.

Branding Compass will help you find the best words and messages for your branding and marketing.