Branding Compass offers three different licenses: Standard, Pro and Premium.

  • All of our licenses help you create a Unique Value Proposition.
  • Our Standard report focuses on visual recommendations.
  • Our Pro report gives visual recommendations, plus it helps you identify your ideal customer, review your competition and choose the best words.
  • A Premium license is a Pro level report plus an individual consultation.

Branding Compass Standard

Our standard report is 10-15 pages of expert recommendations on the best visuals to use to develop your brand. It includes:

  • Examples of other brands that share your traits. This is a good way to see if how you described yourself matches with what you have in your head.
  • 5 recommended fonts. These are always Google fonts, so they are free and can be used anywhere—on a Mac, PC and on your website. There’s also educational information about how to use typography to develop a distinct visual style.
  • You also get color recommendations and information about how to use color in your branding. We provide the hex # formula for each color.
  • Then, you get an inspirational mood board. This is a series of images that are in a style that matches how you described your brand. The subject matter may not be a perfect fit for your product or service but the overall aesthetics should give you a good starting point. This is especially useful to share with your web designer and show them the images you like the most.

Branding Compass Pro

Our Pro report is 15-20 pages long and includes all of the visual suggestions in the Standard report. It also includes more advice on how to appeal to your best customers by using the right words and differentiating yourself from your competition.

  • The Pro report includes your ideal customer visualization. This is a bulls-eye image that helps you target the people most likely to buy from you.
  • You’ll get a word cloud that shows what words you are using now. This is a quick check on whether you’re really talking about the right details.
  • Our Brand Alignment chart will show you which words are the best words to use to attract your ideal customers. It will also show you the words that may actually be a turn-off for your prospects, so you’ll want to avoid those. You can use this chart to help you write your website or social media copy. Also, many business owners use this as a way to check their product-market fit. There are probably different ways that you can package up and sell your products, even if you’re in a service-based business. This chart has been eye-opening to many people when they realize they are focusing their marketing efforts on the wrong benefits or even the wrong products altogether.
  • The Pro report also shows you each of your competitors’ websites. This is an easy way to make sure your own brand is distinct from other businesses that your prospects may be considering.
  • This report also has more suggestions on how to develop your marketing and branding using words and visuals together.

Branding Compass Premium

Our Premium license is the Pro level report plus a 30 minute consultation. During that call we can review your report and answer any questions you have. Or, we can screen share and I can give you feedback on logo designs, your website or other marketing materials.

Upgrades Available

It’s easy to upgrade to a Pro report or book an individual consultation later, if you choose. If you have ordered a Branding Compass Standard report and would like to upgrade to Pro level report, we have all the information we need. You do not need to do any more work in your workbook, just order an updated Pro report using this order form.

I hope this helps you choose the Branding Compass license that works best for you!