Branding Compass automatically writes your Unique Value Proposition

Branding Compass does the heavy lifting by autogenerating a Unique Value Proposition based on your inputs in the online workbook, but you have the ability to edit this manually.

Your UVP is made up of four sets of words that you developed while using the Branding Compass workbook. These include:

  • A succinct description of your your ideal customer
  • The description of your product or service
  • The core benefits of your product or service
  • The name of your business.

When you see your UVP as a sentence you may find that it is repetitive, or has a bit of poor grammar. But hopefully you are close to finished statement. At this point you can specifically go back and edit any of the parts of your UVP, or can just make some final edits on the next screen.

How to make edits to improve your Unique Value Proposition

If you want to go back and edit your ideal customer, your product description, or your benefits:

  1. Choose that option from the list
  2. Make your changes
  3. Click “Return to your UVP” to get back
  4. Once all your edits are complete, select “I’m done”.

Do final cleanup on your UVP

At this point, whether you went back into your workbook to make edits, or just chose I’m done right from the start, you will have one last opportunity to clean up your UVP.

Make any edits, then hit “next” and finally “submit”.

Once you hit submit you should receive your report by email in just a couple of minutes. If you registered your account you can also log in to your dashboard and download your report from there.