Develop your ideal customer profile with Branding Compass

When you are developing your brand, it’s important to think about who your ideal customers are.

If you have an established business, think about your favorite customers or clients. Who do you love to work with, who loves your product, what types of customers are most profitable or buy from you most frequently?

If you have a new business, this can be more challenging. Try not to think about trying to serve everyone. Instead, put your product or service in front of those people who are most likely to buy from you. Who would immediately understand your business, be excited and would buy from you right now without a lot of convincing?

Are your customers B2B or B2C?

The first question you’re going to answer is whether you have a B2B or B2C company or product. Are your customers buying for work or for personal use. Depending on what you choose here, you will get a long list of additional questions.

So, let’s start with our HR consulting firm which is a B2B company.

On this page of the workbook add in details about the types of companies that buy from you, these may be based on industry or sector, size of company or specific technology platforms that they use. You will also want to think about the specific people who do the buying. What are their job titles, their educational level and what do they worry about?

Try to fill in as many of the boxes as possible and use the last box to put in any details that haven’t been covered above. Remember, the HR consulting firm is focusing on companies who are competing for employees in a very tight labor market.

If you are selling for personal use, like our mini donut bakery, you will select that and a different list of questions will be offered to you. You want to think about demographic details such as where people live or how much money they earn, but also psychographic details. These include their the unique interests, worldviews or personality traits of people most likely to buy from you.

  • Fill out as many of the boxes as you can.
  • Leave any fields that you don’t have details about unchecked, because it will be easier for you in the next step.

Gender and age

Then there are two questions about gender and age. Go ahead and fill those out, even if they are noted above. These apply to both B2B and B2C businesses.

On the next screen you will have the opportunity to rank all of your descriptive traits as well as the age-related questions. Really think about the most important details and put those at the top.

Geographic location of your ideal customers

The last question is about the geographic location of your customers. This can be the ultimate limiter, especially if you have a brick & mortar business. On the other hand, if you can sell anywhere, you likely have many more competitors as well, so knowing your ideal customer and establishing a unique brand is critical.

Branding Compass' Ideal Customer Profile
Branding Compass’ Ideal Customer Profile

Branding Compass’ Ideal Customer Profile

In your Branding Compass report you’ll see a bulls-eye with the most central details right in the middle. The less important details radiate out from the center.

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