Wordmark logos

A simple, type-only logo

Cost: $349

Reinforces your brand name
Perfect for consultants and coaches
Economical and fast

Because it has no symbol or graphic, a type-only wordmark is more flexible in its uses and more economical to design. Wordmark logos reinforce your brand name so they are a good choice for solopreneurs or any new business that is working to get prospects to recognize and remember your name.

How it works

Every package includes a Branding Compass license. Complete your Discovery Workbook and receive your visual recommendations.

  1. Tell us about your preferences.
  2. Over 3 rounds of designs shared by email, our team will design and refine your logo.
  3. Get your final logo files and style guide.

What to expect

Collaboration method

Online and by email.


Wordmark logos can be completed in 5-7 working days, if we receive your feedback promptly.

What you get

Logo and guide

  • A type-only logo
  • One-page style guide listing the fonts and colors

14 different logo files including:

  • Print-ready files (eps vector file)
  • Original source file (Adobe illustrator ai file)
  • Digital files (svg, five pngs, five jpgs, including high-resolution)
  • Social media profile image

Also includes a style guide

Keep your brand consistent by using the correct fonts and colors.

Example of our one-page style guides
Philip Lingle

“Not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars, and you have created the perfect solution here. I love that you start with the workbook so that the brand identity really becomes well defined.”

—–Philip Lingle, Founder, Director, & Head Officiant AshevilleMarriages.com

Questions about our Wordmark logos

Will there be a symbol or graphic?

No, these are type-only logo designs.

Why do I want a wordmark logo?

Many top brands like Tiffany’s, Sony, FedEx and Google have wordmark logos. They help build name recognition and are usually faster and less expensive to design. Read more about the benefits of a wordmark logo.

Can’t I just type out my business name?

Our wordmark logos will be sent to you as a graphic file so it will look exactly the same every time you use it. The designs may include some other elements like lines or shapes in addition to the name of your business.