Starter Site

A one-page website for your unique business.

Cost: $499

  • Expert-guidance to create your web content
  • Recommendations on words and visuals
  • Perfect for coaches, consultants, and startups
one-page website
one-page website

Every business needs a website. A simple website that reflects your brand and clearly states what you offer and how you can help someone is ideal for most small businesses. Our Starter Site, is the perfect way to launch your site. You’ll get help with the design and writing, then you can easily edit and expand your site as you grow.

How it works

Complete the Branding Compass Discovery Workbook and receive your visual recommendations. Then:

  1. Continue with our easy-to-follow online tool to give us everything we’ll need to create your site.
  2. Over 2 rounds of revisions, our team will design, edit and finalize your site.
  3. Launch your site!

What to expect

Collaboration method

Online and by email.


After we receive all of your content, you’ll have a complete website in 5-10 working days, if we receive all feedback promptly.

What you get

Branding Compass license

  • Unlimited access and revisions in your Discovery Workbook
  • 10+ page personalized Branding Compass report


  • A one-page website specially made for your unique business
  • Professional recommendations on colors, fonts, and imagery
  • Help writing the copy for your website
  • Easy to edit and add pages
  • Built on the Strikingly platform
  • E-commerce enabled
  • Book appointments
  • Use your custom domain name
  • Expand your functionality to add a blog, gallery of images and more.

About our Starter Websites

Can I have more than one page?

Yes. We will get you started with one page, then you can add pages to your site, as you wish.

Can I sell things through my website, is it e-commerce enabled?

Yes, you can. After Branding Compass designs your site, you can connect it to several different payment platforms.

What platform is used to build my website?

Branding Compass will create your site using Strikingly. We like Strikingly because it’s very easy to edit your website. You can also expand your site to add additional pages, sell hundreds of items, add online chat, book appointments and sign people up for your newsletter. They also have great help including online tutorials or you can chat with their tech support team.

What if want to use a different platform like Squarespace, Wix, or Shopify?

Choose our DIY package, it will give you the guidance you need to create your website on your own, on any platform you choose.

Are there ongoing fees?

Branding Compass is a one-time flat fee, but Strikingly (or any other web-building tool you choose) will have monthly or annual fees to keep your site up and running. You may need to also budget for your domain name, email, etc.