Simple logo design

Custom logo design featuring symbols, monograms, or other graphics

Cost: $749

  • Starts with a specific idea, sketch, or graphic
  • Perfect if you have a sense of what you’d like
  • Clean, polished, customized logo

If you have a good idea of what you want, our simple logos are your best choice. Great for any small business that wants a distinct logo.

How it works

Every package includes a Branding Compass license. Complete your Discovery Workbook and receive your visual recommendations.

Confirm logo details

  1. Describe what you’re looking for or send examples, if you have them.
  2. Over 3 rounds of designs sent by email, our team will design and refine your logo.
  3. Get your final logo files and style guide.

What to expect

Collaboration method

Online and by email.


Simple logos can be completed in 7-10 working days, if we receive all feedback promptly.

What you get

Logo and guide

  • A completely customized logo
  • One-page style guide listing the fonts and colors

14 different logo files including:

  • Print-ready files (eps vector file)
  • Original source file (Adobe illustrator ai file)
  • Digital files (svg, five pngs, five jpgs, including high-resolution)
  • Social media profile image

Also includes a style guide

Keep your brand consistent by using the correct fonts and colors.

Example of our one-page style guides
Heather Turnbach, OutFit Women's Movement

“I really enjoyed using Branding Compass. It was fun to focus on what mattered and let the tool do its magic.”

—–Heather Turnbach, OutFit Women’s Movement

Questions about our Simple logos

What if I don’t really know what I want?

If you don’t have an idea or graphic already in mind, please choose our Premium logo service. Then, our team will show you a wide variety of concepts and designs.

Can you use a piece of art that I already have like a drawing, painting or icon?

We can try! Please send it along and we’ll let you know if we can use it as-is, or if it will need to be digitized for the logo.