Branding Compass platform

Online, expert-guided process to get started on your brand.

Cost: $99

Recommendations for fonts, colors & visuals
Write a headline to attract buyers
Define and understand your brand

font recomendations
color palette recomendations
key messages
brand alignment chart

Everything starts with the Branding Compass platform. You’ll have access to our Discovery Workbook and get personalized suggestions on the best visuals and words for your branding and marketing. Our expert-guided process is fun and easy to follow and you’ll learn how to build a successful brand for your small business!

How it works

This DIY package is completely self-guided and online. Answer questions about your business, and then you’ll be emailed a 10+ page report with personalized recommendations on the best visuals and words for your branding and marketing. The expert-guided process helps you write a headline or value proposition and build an ideal client profile.

What to expect

Collaboration method

Self-guided, all online.


Get your first recommendation in minutes.

What you get

  • Unlimited access and revisions in your Discovery Workbook
  • 10+ page personalized Branding Compass report
  • 5+ font recommendations
  • 12+ color palette recommendations
  • Help writing a headline or value proposition
  • Recommendations on the best messages
  • List of the best words to use and words to avoid to attract your ideal client
  • Mood board
  • Visual Ideal Customer Profile
  • Tips and next steps for building your brand and marketing your business

See a sample report.

FAQs about Branding Compass

How customized is the advice?

Every report is different. While the process is automated, it’s based off the experience of branding experts and award-winning designers. You’ll get visual and messaging recommendations that are customized to your unique business. See a sample report.

Does Branding Compass include a logo?

If you want a logo, add-on one of our logo options.

Can I add-on a logo or website later?

Yes. You have the option of purchasing your logo or website package during check-out. But you can always add on any service later. Just contact us.

My business has changed, can I keep adjusting the answers in my workbook and get a new report?

Yes, you will be able to adjust your answers and get unlimited reports. Use the link that was emailed to you to return to your Discovery Workbook.

My team or co-founder wants to use this tool together, how does that work?

We recommend that each team member go through the process individually. This allows for all voices to be heard equally.

How does Branding Compass work with group or teams?

If you are buying 5 or more licenses we offer group discounts. Contact us to arrange this. Additionally, we can provide a customized review of the different reports and share with you a summary of where there is agreement and where there are differences to help you gain clarity about the vision for your brand. We are also available for facilitated sessions, either in person or by video conferencing. Contact us to learn more.