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Color Theory: Pink as a Branding Color

Is pink the right choice for your branding and marketing? If you are considering pink as a primary color for your brand, it’s important to know the color theory of pink and cultural references that are associated with it. The color psychology of pink suggests a female-focused product or service Pink has a strong connection…  Continue reading »

Color Theory: Red as a Branding Color

Is red the right choice for your branding and marketing? If you are considering red as a primary color for your brand, it’s a good idea to understand the color theory of red. What are the psychology and cultural references that are associated with red and the nuances between different shades of red? Color psychology:…  Continue reading »

Press Release: Branding Compass launches logo design service

The new feature provides wordmark logos rooted in brand insights and designed to attract a business’ ideal customer. PORTLAND, ME — Branding Compass, a web-based app that helps small businesses and startups with their branding, is now offering professionally designed wordmark logos for as little as $249. While many online logo design companies have little…  Continue reading »

Wordmark logos: The hardest working logos in branding

Most, if not all, businesses want a logo, which is understandable. Having a logo for your business is a great way to visually identify your brand. But many businesses would be better served investing in a simple text-only or wordmark logo, rather than having a logo with a graphic icon. Wordmark logo vs. graphic or…  Continue reading »

Test a logo and the effectiveness of your branding

Why test a logo and the effectiveness of your branding? Like most businesses, you likely recognize the importance of branding for its ability — among other things — to attract customers, communicate your unique benefits and help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace. But branding can also be an expensive endeavor with uncertain…  Continue reading »

How to get the best logo from an online logo maker tool

More than ever, small business owners understand the importance of having a strong brand. And a logo is often considered a critical component of a company’s brand. But many startups and small business owners are also cash-strapped. And every successful business owner trains themselves to look carefully at any business expense and weigh the benefits…  Continue reading »

How to Get the Best Logo Design from Fiverr

If you’re looking for affordable ways to work on your small business branding, you may consider going to Fiverr to get your logo designed. The service is cheap and fast, but understanding how it works will help you get the best logo design from Fiverr. How does Fiverr work? Fiverr provides a whole range of…  Continue reading »

Upgraded Branding Compass: 5 Great New Features

We’re excited to announce that we’ve completed a series of upgrades to Branding Compass. Now your personalized branding report is easier to use and more helpful for you as you develop your brand and create marketing materials. Here are the highlights of what’s new. 1. Immediate results! No waiting; your personalized branding report will now…  Continue reading »

Press Release: Online tool provides expert branding with instant turnaround

Branding Compass joins tools like SquareSpace and MailChimp in giving small businesses more control of their marketing PORTLAND, ME (May 13, 2019) — Branding Compass, a web-based branding app for small businesses, has announced the launch of their fully-automated branding process. By guiding users through an insightful and self-reflective discovery process, Branding Compass instantly provides…  Continue reading »

How to Edit your Unique Value Proposition

Branding Compass automatically writes your Unique Value Proposition Branding Compass does the heavy lifting by autogenerating a Unique Value Proposition based on your inputs in the online workbook, but you have the ability to edit this manually. Your UVP is made up of four sets of words that you developed while using the Branding Compass…  Continue reading »

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