We’re excited to announce that we’ve completed a series of upgrades to Branding Compass. Now your personalized branding report is easier to use and more helpful for you as you develop your brand and create marketing materials.

Here are the highlights of what’s new.

1. Immediate results!

No waiting; your personalized branding report will now be ready to download as soon as the online workbook is complete. That means virtually instantaneous recommendations within a custom 10-20 page report for your brand.

We know that thinking about your branding is hard work! When you get the inspiration and energy to start thinking about how you will shape your brand you want to get tangible results fast. It’s a bit like cleaning house; do it when you’re in the right mindset and it goes fast and feels good.

The great news is that we no longer have any manual processes behind the scenes so you will receive your personalized branding report instantly! Want to see a sample report? Download a sample Branding Compass report.

2. Find the best words with our Brand Alignment chart

Brand Alignment Chart from Branding Compass
Brand Alignment Chart

You probably have a lot of amazing features in your product or service and you may be proud of all of them. It can be confusing knowing which benefits are most appealing to your ideal customer. But you will be most successful at catching the eye or ear of a prospect if you lead by addressing their top concerns.

This highly visual chart will show you which words to focus on first. We’ve reworked this feature to make it more clear which words are the best words for you to use, especially in your marketing. You may even have some words or phrases that you are currently using which may be a turn-off or be confusing to your customers, so we’ll identify those for you, too.

Many Branding Compass users tell us that the information from this chart helped them make decisions about how to shape their offerings to fit the marketplace.

3. A complete visual profile of your ideal client

Ideal Customer Profile from Branding Compass
Ideal Customer Profile

The questions in the online workbook will help you to think step-by-step about the demographic and psychographic traits of the people most likely to buy from you. You’ll walk away with a complete profile of your ideal customer—with more details altogether, and a way to see the most important traits. Plus we have a tutorial video if you get stuck on any of the questions (see more below about our new videos)

Then, we will show this to you as a targeted graphic. The bulls-eye is a great visual to share with your marketing team or website designer to make sure everything you create is appealing to this group.

4. Tutorial videos embedded in the workbook

Video Tutorial: How To Use Branding Compass

We have added a series of tutorial videos to help guide you through your Branding Compass workbook.

Branding Compass is designed to be very easy to use with pick-lists, drag-and-drop rankings, and short answers. But since it’s completely do-it-yourself, we wanted to give you some guidance right when you need it. You’ll now find videos along the way to help you make the best decisions and make the most of Branding Compass.

Here’s a summary of the videos we’ve got ready for you within the workbook:

How to Use Branding Compass

How to Write About the Benefits of your Product or Service

How to Create An Ideal Customer Profile

How to Write an Ideal Customer Description using Branding Compass

Which Branding Compass License Should You Choose?

How to Edit your Unique Value Proposition

5. Create an account, save your work, and return later to complete your workbook or find your report

Want to take your time and return later to your online workbook? If you want to complete your workbook in multiple sessions, you can create an account, save your work and return to it later. When you have an account, you can also go back and download your personalized report at any time.

Branding Compass can help you write a UVP and discover the best words, fonts, colors, and visuals for your branding and marketing. It takes most people less than an hour to complete the process and get their personalized branding report. We hope these upgrades make it even easier to use and give you more powerful results.