We are excited to announce big upgrades to the Branding Compass platform!

  • Better UI: We’ve improved the user interface making the workbook easier to complete, even on your phone.
  • Faster: You can get initial recommendations on fonts, colors, and visuals in as little as ten minutes.
  • Better picture of your ideal client: Easily create a highly visual Ideal Customer Profile.
  • More advice on messaging: Learn more about the best words to use in your marketing.

Get Visual Recommendations Faster

Get your personalized report in less than ten minutes! Now you can submit your workbook earlier in the process and start to get recommendations on the best fonts, colors and visuals even if you haven’t finished your whole workbook.

One of the most valuable parts of Branding Compass is how thorough the workbook is, but now you don’t have to wait to complete all of your questions before we can begin to generate personalized recommendations for you.

Sample report
Get your visual recommendations in as little as ten minutes.

Improved Ideal Customer Profile

Sample Ideal Client Profile
Branding Compass will help you build an Ideal Customer Profile.

The questions in the discovery workbook are now easier to use and the completed profile is highly visual.

Understanding who is most likely to buy from you helps you build a brand that directly appeals to this group of people. We’ll walk you step-by-step through questions, so you can learn to target the people who are ready to buy from you right now.

This one-page view of your buyer persona can be shared with your logo designer, web designer, or marketing team to ensure they are focusing on the right prospects.

Also, you can now build a second Ideal Client Profile if you have more than one typical customer.

More In-Depth Advice on Words and Messaging

The latest version of Branding Compass includes recommendations on what to say and how to say it. Learn what your ideal customer wants to hear in the ‘Key Messages’ chart then choose the right words and tone by referring to our ‘Brand Alignment’ chart.

Branding Compass Key Messages Recommendations
Learn what key messages you need to express to make more sales.

And just like previous versions, Branding Compass helps you write a Unique Value Proposition. Your UVP is like a one-sentence elevator pitch that describes what you are selling, who should buy it, and what makes your product or service special.

Your Discovery Workbook is Easier-to-Use and More In-Depth

Most of us don’t have all the answers when we first start our business. But as you develop your product, talk to customers and make your first sales, you continue to learn. Think of your online workbook as a helpful tool that can continue to guide you as your business evolves.

Go back to Branding Compass and update details so that you have a living, accurate picture of your brand.

If you buy the Comprehensive package or higher you can generate a new report with updated recommendations at any time. Use our new dashboard to navigate to any section of the workbook and generate unlimited reports.

Branding Compass Dashboard
Comprehensive and Premium package buyers can use the dashboard to easily access different parts of your workbook

We hope you like the improved User Interface, the easier-to-navigate workbook, and the improved report that are all part of the newest release of Branding Compass.