Build a brand for your business in as little as an hour.

We’ve taken a process that can be confusing and time-consuming and made it simple, fun, and fast.




Basic branding elements great for small startups and solo entrepreneurs.



Guidance and recommendations to improve every part of your brand.



Total branding package plus a one-on-one consultation.

Following the same process branding experts use, Branding Compass provides the best colors, fonts, visuals, and words to use in your marketing — making it easier for you to attract customers.

Personalized report

Key Features

  • Educational information about branding
  • Personalized explanation of your key brand attributes
  • Custom color, typography, and design recommendations
  • Checklists packed with actionable next steps to get your branding going
  • Visual recommendations
  • 9 color palettes
  • 5 fonts
  • Visual inspiration board
  • View a sample report

It’s that easy. No branding experience or expertise is required.