Logo Design Service

Get a professionally created, simple logo design that brings your brand to life and attracts your ideal customer.

Great logos don’t just appear. They’re based on a brand’s characteristics and designed to showcase what makes them unique. Because of this, Branding Compass’s logo service is only available as an upgrade from our Starter or Comprehensive packages.

Our process

  1. Complete your Branding Compass online discovery workbook.
    Answer questions about your business and then we’ll send you recommendations on fonts and colors that will we recommend for your logo.
    You can complete the questions in as little as ten minutes and you’ll receive your report immediately after submitting your workbook.
  2. Tell us what you like.
    You’ll hear from us by email to start your logo design. We have a structured process to help you get a logo that you’ll love!
    The entire process takes 5-10 days
  3. Get your final logo and style guide.
    After working with a professional designer over the course of multiple rounds of design, we’ll help you finalize your logo design.
    You only pay when you’re satisfied.

Choose a symbol, monogram or wordmark style logo

Our designers will walk you through the process of developing a logo that represents your unique brand traits and type of business.

You can choose from a symbol or graphic, a monogram, or a wordmark style logo.

A wordmark logo has no symbol or icon. Because of its simplicity, a wordmark is more flexible in its uses and more economical to design. For this reason, they can be especially useful for startups and small businesses. To learn more about wordmark logos and their benefits, read our blog post.

Get the right files to use your logo effectively

You can use your brand logo in many places — on websites, business cards, signs, in print, and across social media. This is why it’s critical you get all the right files so your logo looks appealing and crystal clear no matter where and how you choose to display it.

Logo design and style guide samples from Branding Compass

In addition to giving you all the logo files and various sizes you need, we’ll provide a style guide specifying the exact colors and fonts you should use in order to maintain brand consistency.

You’ll receive:

  • An .eps vector file of your logo
  • Five .png files with transparent backgrounds, in varying sizes
  • Five .jpg files in varying sizes, including high-resolution.
  • A social media profile image
  • A one-page style guide listing the font used, and color(s) used

Expert-guided, affordable logo design

Our logo design process guides you to think about your logo design in a systematic way. Working with your logo designer you will see:

  • Font options
  • Typesetting styles
  • Color options
  • Different arrangement of elements
  • Options for the graphic or symbol, if you choose
  • Final refinements to the design

If you want an even higher level of design, you’ll have the option of upgrading.

Start the logo design process

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