Why our customers love Branding Compass

Do your marketing faster and better

I absolutely loved the visual recommendations and voice advice! Thanks to Branding Compass, I can produce my newsletters, blogs, and social media content faster and more confidently.

— Maddie Purcell, Founder
Fyood Kitchen

Branding advice for your startup

Branding Compass has been invaluable to the DeepFit brand. As a solo entrepreneur, I absolutely need this smart, affordable advice on words, colors and ideas to use when I speak and advertise!

— Dan Farnbach, Founder

Personalized design and branding advice

I LOVE this report!

— Don Gooding, Founder
Four Colors of Money and Former Executive Director, Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development

Accurately captures your unique business

With no exaggeration, I thought Branding Compass was brilliant. I was really impressed by how well it distilled the basic info I provided into a coherent UVP.

— Tim Duggan, President
Shawsheen Air Services, Inc.

Match your offerings to your clients

I’ve struggled with the question of how to describe what I do for 10 years, but the “Market-Product Fit Chart” really highlighted a disconnect between my services and what my customers need that I needed to address. As a result, I’m going to refocus and rebrand my business!

— Johnna Major, President
Cornerstone HR

Enlightening experience

The 60 minute ‘pause’ required to respond to the Branding Compass questionnaire was incredibly self-reflective and enlightening to me. The questions are ‘spot on’, and require you begin to look at your Company from the eyes of others. The exercise alone is a great value, and the results are incredibly enlightening.

— Chris MacKenzie, EVP Sales and Marketing
STARC Systems

Build a UVP quickly

Talk about cutting to the chase! When I’ve done this before it’s taken me days of waffling and moving semi-colons to come up with a UVP only 75% as straightforward as the one Branding Compass helped me develop in about an hour and a half.

— Carrie Yardley, Founder
Yardley Esq and Professional Intersections

Learn to write and speak about your brand

Branding Compass is a neat tool to any new business starting out. The font styles, color schemes and examples of other brands is helpful. My favorite thing was the word cloud.

— Heather Ashby, Founder

Learn to communicate your value

Branding Compass is a great exercise for both established and new brands to make sure you are communicating your value to the right audience.

— Whitney Fox
Whitney J. Fox Photography

Concrete ideas for your logo and website design

The report generated concrete ideas and examples to work with as I think about logo and website design, packaging and marketing.

— Lisa Parker
Cakes for All Seasons, LLC

Grow your business

Branding Compass is an easy and worthwhile way to improve your marketing, better target sales efforts, and grow your business.

— Lisa Plimpton
Plimpton Research

Efficient and concise

Branding Compass is really efficient at helping with branding strategy. It is so easy to use and I love how the report is so concise.

— Sharon Herrick
Illuminated Me by Sharon Herrick, LLC