Branding Compass Creative Basics Package - $99The Branding Compass Creative Basics package helps you identify what makes your business unique. It then translates those observations into visual and creative recommendations to help you develop a professional, polished look for your business that stands out from the competition.

Discovery Workbook

Screenshots of the Branding Compass online discovery workbook

Think of the discovery workbook as a personality test for your brand. Built by branding experts, this process gets to the heart of your brand’s essence by empowering you to think, reflect and analyze what is most important to you, your business and your customers.

Providing thoughtful, honest answers is essential for receiving clear, effective and accurate recommendations. But don’t worry, we make it easy by using pick-lists, drag-n-drop rankings and short answers to guide you through a fun and insightful process that takes most users only an hour.

Based on your answers, Branding Compass will automatically create a Unique Value Proposition that defines what makes your brand special. It then creates a personalized report with expert recommendations.

10+ Page Personalized Report

Upon completing the online discovery workbook, you’ll instantly receive a 10+ page Creative Basics report. This valuable document recommends fonts, colors and imagery that will best attract customers and establishes a consistent, professional look for your brand. The report focuses on visual recommendations and design advice including:

  • Color palette recommendations: Includes hex codes so you use the right color each time.
  • Font recommendations: Suggestions for five Google fonts that are free to download.
  • Imagery inspiration and mood board: Examples of photography or illustration styles that best represent your brand.
  • Examples of brands that share your traits: See how other brands use a style that’s similar to yours.
  • Personalized design recommendations: Advice on how to develop an attractive, cohesive look for your brand.

Is the Creative Basics package right for you?

The Creative Basics is perfect for startups, small business owners, freelancers and consultants who:

  • Want more than just a logo, want useful and actionable branding advice
  • Need help establishing a consistent, professional look for their brand
  • Want visual recommendations for their business cards, logo, website, social media profiles and other marketing materials.
  • Plan to use DIY marketing tools such as online email services or website builders
  • Wish to speak to designers more clearly and precisely about the type of brand they want to create

Want more?

If you’re also looking for advice on how to speak and write about your brand, see how you stack up against your competition and would like help visualizing your ideal customer, you may want to check out the Branding Compass Comprehensive package, which will help unlock even more recommendations and tactics to develop your brand.

Or, add on a wordmark logo to your Creative Basics report and you’ll have all the essentials for your visual identity.

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