Branding Compass Comprehensive Report + Logo - $399Upgrade your Comprehensive package with a professionally designed wordmark logo and you’ll have all the key assets and insights you need to start building your brand. In addition to creative recommendations that will help you produce professional looking marketing materials, the Branding Compass Comprehensive package provides information and expert analysis into your brand, target consumer, and competition so that you can grow your business.

What you get:

• Unlimited access to your online discovery workbook
• A personalized Comprensive report
• A simple, professionally designed logo

Discovery Workbook

Screenshots of the Branding Compass online discovery workbook

Think of the discovery workbook as an in-depth interview on your own business. Built by branding experts, this process gets you to think about your brand like never before. It asks questions and offers thought starters that empower you to think, reflect and analyze about how you and your customers view your brand.

Taking time to provide thoughtful, honest answers is essential for receiving practical, effective and actionable recommendations. But don’t worry, we make the process simple and intuitive. By using pick-lists, drag-n-drop rankings and short answers, you’ll be guided through a valuable and eye-opening process that takes most businesses only an hour to complete.

Based on your answers, Branding Compass will automatically create a Unique Value Proposition that defines what makes your brand special. It then creates a personalized report with expert recommendations.

20+ Page Personalized Report

The Comprehensive report includes:

  • Color palette recommendations: Includes hex codes so you use the right color each time.
  • Font recommendations: Suggestions for five Google fonts that are free to download.
  • Imagery inspiration and mood board: Examples of photography or illustration styles that best represent your brand.
  • Examples of brands that share your traits: See how other brands use a style that’s similar to yours.
  • Personalized design recommendations: Advice on how to develop an attractive, cohesive look for your brand.
  • Ideal Customer Profile Visualization: Describes the characteristics and desires of your ideal customer.
  • Competitive Review: Lists similar businesses and how to differentiate from them.
  • Brand Alignment chart: Shows you the best and worst words to attract ideal clients.
  • Voice: Learn what to say and how to say it.
  • Word Cloud: Visualize & evaluate how you currently speak about your brand.
  • Product/market fit: Helps assess if your current offerings meet your customers’ needs.
  • Customized marketing & branding advice: Next steps you can take to showcase your brand and attract customers.

Wordmark Logo

Get a simple, professionally designed logo that brings your brand to life and attracts your ideal customer. Learn more about our logo design process.

Logo designs by Branding Compass
Logo designs by Branding Compass


Is the Comprehensive report + logo package right for you?

Our Comprehensive package is perfect for startups, small business owners, freelancers and consultants who:

  • Want to dive deeper into what makes their brand unique and how to stand out from the competition
  • Require professional branding expertise but aren’t ready to invest months of time and thousands of dollars
  • Need a logo for their business cards, logo, website, social media profiles and other marketing materials
  • Want to speak and write more effectively and persuasively about their brand
  • Could use more information on their customers and competition

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