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Tailor Brands vs Branding Compass

If you have a new business that needs branding, you may be reviewing online options for developing your logo and other elements of your brand. Two online services to consider are Tailor Brands and Branding Compass. Let’s look at how the two compare and which will be better, based on your skills and needs. Tailor…  Continue reading »

Squarespace vs Wix vs Weebly: Which is best for building your branded website?

Small business owners and startups often use DIY web building tools like Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly to create their first website. This is because websites are crucial to most businesses and nearly every business needs one. Unfortunately, a huge mistake many business owners make is launching a website that doesn’t reflect their brand. No matter…  Continue reading »

How (and why) to Custom Brand your E-newsletter

How to design the best e-newsletter template As a small business owner, you want to know how to create a newsletter that reflects your visual identity. Watch this video to understand why you should be using consistent fonts and colors in your emails. Wondering how to make a branded newsletter in Mailchimp? Read a detailed…  Continue reading »

Five Ways to Get Affordable Branding

While starting your own business takes a great deal of effort, the work isn’t done once you launch your product or service. You need to get the word out about it. You need to communicate how your business is different and better than the competition. You need to attract and retain customers. This means you…  Continue reading »

How to Choose the Best Logo and Business Name: Insights from the BrandZ Top Brands Report

Think of what you’re doing right now. Reading a blog, that perhaps you found via Facebook or Google. Maybe you’re reading it on a phone made by Apple that you have with a wireless company like AT&T or Verizon. Or you’re on a computer running Microsoft that’s connected to internet service provided by Spectrum or…  Continue reading »

Avoid these 5 mistakes when choosing brand colors

Color is a key part of your visual identity and deciding on the best colors for your logo and branding can be tricky. Avoid making these common mistakes when you are choosing brand colors. 1. Choosing a color only because you like it “What color do you like?” This is the worst question to start…  Continue reading »

How many colors should a brand have?

Most companies have one or two “corporate colors” in their brand palette. Most commonly, these key colors match the colors in the company logo. But many brands may introduce secondary or additional colors into their marketing and branding. How many colors should a brand have? Limit your colors to maximize your brand impact Choosing only…  Continue reading »

What’s the best color for your logo? Use color psychology to find out

Color is a critical component of creating your brand identity. Research shows that 62‐90% percent of people’s assessment of products is based on color alone. With these staggering statistics, it’s important to consider color psychology when choosing colors for your logo and branding. Color is memorable. Think about the red NetFlix envelopes that used to…  Continue reading »

Color Theory: Black as a Branding Color

Understand the color theory of black to make the right choice for your branding and marketing If you are considering black as a primary color for your brand, it’s a good idea to understand the color theory of black and cultural references that are associated with it. Many companies have a black and white version…  Continue reading »

Color Theory: Purple as a Branding Color

Is purple the right choice for your branding and marketing? Understand the color theory of purple to find out. If you are considering purple as a primary color for your brand, it’s a good idea to understand the color theory of purple and cultural references that are associated with it. Color psychology: Purple is associated…  Continue reading »

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