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How to Research Your Ideal Client

Identifying your ideal client is key to the success of your company. There are many pieces of information that you can research to identify these factors. The specific combination of characteristics will act as a compass that will influence all business decisions.

Read on for a guide on how to do ideal client research.

6 Reasons why branding matters for small businesses

Owning a small business usually means you’re working with a small budget, but can you afford to cut branding from your budget? Branding may sound like an expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. Read on to learn about what branding is, and 6 reasons why branding matters for small businesses.

Can you use AI for branding and marketing your small business?

AI can be a great productivity tool, but it should never replace your decision making and creativity as a small business owner. So should you use AI for branding and marketing? 

Read on to learn about when you should use AI, and when it’s not a great idea.

The complete brand voice guide to attract the right audience

When many people think about a brand, they think about colors and logos. But your brand voice is an equally important part of your brand. 

Read on to learn all about what a brand voice is and how to develop a brand voice that attracts the right customers.

The Psychology of Branding – How to Use Psychology to Build a Better Brand

The psychology of branding isn’t a buzz word – it’s the scientific study of how brands can connect to people to leave an impact. 

Read on to learn more about the psychology of brand colors, brand loyalty, and how new and small businesses can use the psychology of branding to get more customers.

A Branding Checklist of 10 Items You Need to Launch a New Business

Congratulations! You’ve made the exciting decision to start your own business. You’ll want to add this branding checklist to your list of things to get done before you launch your brand.

Building your business and creating the brand that represents your business can sometimes feel like a chicken-and-egg scenario. What comes first? We’ve put together a branding checklist of 10 must-haves for new businesses. You should address these items as early as possible in the process of building your business.

Do new businesses need branding? When to invest in your brand

When you’re starting a new business, there are a lot of things that require your immediate attention and prioritization is key. Is branding something that you should invest in when you first start a business? Do new businesses even need branding?

Read on to learn about why branding is critical for new businesses, and how to have a brand you love without spending time and money you don’t have.

How to start your solopreneur brand the right way, right now

Starting your own business takes courage. You have to be ready to stick out your neck and go it on your own. As you start your solopreneur brand, here’s the best way to build your brand, right from the start.

3 Most Common Mistakes with Small Business Websites

As a small business owner, your website is one of the most important parts of your brand and of your marketing efforts. Even if you don’t make sales directly on your site, even if you get most of your work from referrals and networking, nearly every prospective customer or client will look you up online…  Continue reading »

Good Branding: The Key to Creating Credibility for Your Business

We all have to start somewhere. As a new business owner, you can sometimes feel that pinch of “I need to get experience, but I need the experience to get clients.” That catch-22 makes it hard to get your new business up and running. Branding may be the missing link to promoting yourself more effectively.…  Continue reading »

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