Your brand should bring to mind the most distinct and memorable things about your business, product, or service.

For example, imagine you have developed a new line of popsicles. If you describe your popsicles as delicious, it’s not going to be very memorable. Most likely, all the frozen treats out there are delicious (at least to someone!). But maybe there’s a unique way they taste or some other distinct feature you want to remind people of. For example, your popsicles might be unusually flavored using fresh herbs. Or, they might use all locally sourced fruits. Or, maybe they taste creamy even though they’re dairy-free.

Some traits are just expected and not very distinct. Popsicles should be delicious. Interior designers should be creative. Personal trainers should have personalized service. 

What’s memorable is when something is different and makes you stand out. 

one unique fruit slice

Differentiation is key to a distinct brand

When you build your brand, focus on the traits that differentiate yourself from the competition.

Branding Compass will guide you in this process by first answering questions about your product, service, business, or event. Then, we’ll have you rank these items. Ensure that you prioritize those descriptors that are most unique to your business.

Branding Compass will use this information to recommend the best fonts, colors, and visuals for your brand. These choices will also be perfect for your logo.