What are corporate fonts?

Typography and the fonts you use are essential to your visual brand.

Beyond the words’ message, the fonts used in your brand identity and marketing say a lot about your business. A heavy slab serif can look bold, and a soft curvy script can look approachable and friendly.

Primary brand fonts

Selecting and using only one or two typefaces is ideal for creating a consistent brand image. These fonts are your primary fonts. They are often found in your logo as well as headings on your website. This font helps define your company to anyone interacting with your brand.

Depending on the primary typeface you select, you may only need one, and you’ll use various weights or widths instead of multiple font families.

Secondary brand fonts

Often a supplementary or secondary font is also needed. This is especially true if your primary font is highly decorative.

For example, if your primary font is quirky, it may be hard to read whole paragraphs of text in it. Or the font may not be readable in small sizes. In this case, you can use your primary font for headers and subheaders and choose a secondary font for the body copy.

How many fonts should you use?

It’s best to limit your corporate fonts to two or three at most. You can have one or two primary fonts and one or two secondary fonts.

Once you decide on your primary and secondary fonts, use those exclusively and try to avoid other fonts. This will build consistency for your brand.

It’s much easier to create your website and social media posts if you’ve already decided which fonts you always use. Anyone working on your brand or marketing should know your primary and secondary fonts.

Corporate fonts

This set of primary and secondary fonts are your corporate fonts. This reinforces the brand’s visual identity and allows customers to recognize the brand across all sorts of marketing and platforms.

How to choose your corporate fonts

There are thousands of fonts available. Selecting your corporate fonts can feel overwhelming.

The best corporate fonts should reflect your brand traits and be highly readable. If you need help finding the right fonts for your business, Branding Compass can make recommendations on the best Google fonts for your brand based on what you tell us about your business.

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