Many small business owners mistakenly believe all it takes for a prospect to buy is one interaction with their brand. The reality is it takes many more. It takes prospects an average of seven interactions with your brand before they consider buying from you.

The most successful brands have the most recognizable visuals and messaging, regardless of the quality of their products. They achieved this through consistent branding. Consistent in look and feel and repeated messaging. 

How Consistent Branding Boosts Your Sales And Marketing

How consistent branding builds familiarity

Consistent brand building is vital because it helps your brand become memorable, which creates trust between you and your potential customers. Brand consistency makes a recognizable identity for your company or product in your prospects’ eyes and helps them distinguish your product from its competitors. 

Branding builds awareness for your company across all the channels you use, like advertising, emails, your blog, social media campaigns, and word-of-mouth referrals.

There are lots of reasons people don’t buy right away. Maybe they’re waiting for the right time or want to do more research before deciding what to buy. This is where branding comes in – being top of mind when they’re finally ready to buy. 

How consistent branding improves marketing

Branding is about communicating who you are to make prospects feel they understand what makes your business special. It helps them understand why they should buy from you instead of someone else—and it helps them remember precisely why they chose your company over another.

So if you want more sales, start with consistent branding. Here is an example of what that would look like across the touchpoints you need to produce before a prospect considers buying from you.

1. You tell someone about your new business.

Maybe this is mentioning it to a friend, introducing yourself at a business networking event, or talking about your business in a social media post. Whatever form it takes, your prospect will be exposed to your name and story and get their first sense of how your brand makes them feel.

2. They go home and Google you. 

What you told them about the business should match what they find.

Consistent branding makes you memorable and builds trust. Having a prospect find matching branding when searching for you starts building trust. You’re on your way. 

3. They don’t want to buy yet, but sign up for your e-newsletter. 

When the e-newsletter arrives, it should match the visuals and message of your website. Can you feel that? It is the feeling of trust building. Don’t come too strong yet, though.

google results

4. They get the newsletter repeatedly to learn more about you.

Your prospects are still kicking the tires but aren’t scared away. They’re continuing to learn about you and trust you. 

5. They see a post on social media. 

It also has the same logo as your profile image and similar messaging. Everything is going well, and your consistent branding is doing its job. 


6. The customer Googles a pain point and finds you. 

Something has motivated the customer to take action on a problem. They Google solutions, and your company shows up. “I know them!” the customer says, and you’re on your way to your first sale with this prospect.  

7. Brand consistency makes the brand stickier.

The day has come that your prospect’s needs align with what you sell. Your branding has done its job, and the prospect reached out to make a purchase or schedule a call.


Example of consistent branding

If you look at the screenshots above, you’ll see that this company uses the same eye-catching logo, similar cute illustrations, and bright colors. Everything has a rounded, puffy, fun feeling to it. They are also consistent in how their high-energy writing uses a lot of exclamation points!

Branding is a powerful tool

Your brand’s identity is what people think when they hear your name, see your logo and other branding elements, or use your products. It makes people want to buy from you, not someone else.

Branding is about communicating who you are to your customers to make them feel they understand what makes your business special. It helps them understand why they should buy from you instead of someone else—and it helps them remember precisely why they chose your company over another.