Why do we ask you so many questions?

Award-winning designers have built branding Compass with years of experience in branding. We need to know about your business before recommending the best fonts, colors, or visuals for your brand. So please stick with us while we get all the essential details.

Logos created by the top branding firms costs thousands of dollars. These fees cover many things outside of the logo design itself. Branding experts don’t just jump in and start designing, and they begin the process by learning about your business, your customers, and your competitors. This analysis can take hours where the brand expert asks questions, and you do a lot of thinking and research.

Branding Compass takes this process and makes it fast and affordable. But it does require that you take the time to think about the questions and answer them honestly.

For the most in-depth insights, ensure you complete your entire workbook by purchasing the Comprehensive package and answering all the questions about your customers and competitors.

Branding Compass is like working with an award-winning branding firm for a fraction of the time and expense.

Branding Compass Animated Steps

Branding Compass helps you build a logo that’s right for your brand

Just because a logo is well-designed doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for your brand.

Great logos come in all sorts of styles. They can be in any color or use one or more of the thousands of fonts available. They may look bold or thin, serious or playful. The style may be vintage, contemporary, bright, pastel, minimal, or highly decorative.

There’s nothing right or wrong about any of these logo styles. But the right logo for your business is one that reflects the distinct traits of your product or service. It should bring to mind the feeling of what it’s like to experience your product or service.

The Branding Compass Discovery Workbook is a creative brief

If you try to get a logo from a designer, you need to tell them about your business, vision, differentiators, customers and likes and dislikes. Ideally, you’ll write a creative brief to guide them. But we know that many business owners don’t know how to write an effective brief—you may not even know what a creative brief is!

Branding Compass listens to your answers to make personalized recommendations ideal for your business. Completing the entire discovery workbook is a self-reflective exercise that forces you to think deeply and strategically about how your brand can make your business a success.

Take your time and answer all of the questions carefully. Your work will be saved as you go, so if you need to stop and do some research and come back, follow the link that is emailed to you.