new business branding

When you’re starting a new business, there are a lot of things that require your immediate attention and prioritization is key. Is branding something that you should invest in when you first start a business? Do new businesses even need branding?

Read on to learn about why branding is critical for new businesses, and how to have a brand you love without spending time and money you don’t have. 

The time to invest in branding is now

Do new businesses need branding right away? The answer is yes. Branding is something that businesses should start thinking about right away. 

Your brand is constantly evolving

A common misconception that a lot of people have about branding is that a brand is a checklist item, or some sort of service that you invest a lot of money in at once, and then you are done. With this mindset, it’s understandable that some new businesses may think they can economize by skipping this step. 

The reality is that a brand is something that evolves over time. Your brand is like the outward expression of the very heart of your business – it reflects what’s unique about your business, your mission, and who you created your business for. These are all essential things you should be thinking of when you’re starting to make your dream business a reality. Your brand won’t ever be ‘done’ but you should put some quality thinking (and money) to get a strong start.

Branding is strategic

Another reason it’s important to invest in branding immediately is that every business naturally has a brand, whether intentional or not. Your business attracts certain customers, and those customers have ideas about your business. That’s part of your brand. So instead of saying the wrong thing to the wrong people, you’ll want to control who your business is reaching. 

Putting together your brand shouldn’t slow you down. In fact, having a strong brand makes other aspects of your business run a lot smoother.

3 reasons new businesses need branding 

These are just some of the ways that branding helps you achieve your business goals.

#1 Make faster business decisions 

New business owners are faced with a lot of critical decisions. And not knowing the answer to those questions can be frustrating, and delay the launch of your business. Branding may just be the answer to questions you’re stuck on. 

For example, is struggling to decide on the right sign for your storefront delaying your store’s opening? If you had a brand, you would know your brand colors, fonts, and maybe even your logo. With those elements decided, 80% of the work of designing a sign is done already. 

Another common frustration new digital business owners have is that they know they need to post consistent, engaging content on social media. Without a strong brand, it can be really difficult to come up with ideas for content. When you have a brand, you know exactly who your target audience is, and what makes your business unique. Those two decisions make it much easier to think about what content your audience is likely to engage with. 

#2 Helps people trust you 

When you’re starting a business that requires trust and credibility, like a law firm, or a bookkeeping business, it can be difficult to get people to trust you over other options. After all, why shouldn’t they go with the business that’s been around for 10 years? 

Branding gives you a professional and consistent online presence. This can go a long way in creating credibility for your business, so you can attract more customers.  

Also, an essential part of a brand is a unique value proposition. This statement helps you get clear on exactly why customers should choose you over more well-established alternatives. 

#3 A good brand makes marketing easier 

When you’re a one person business or working with a small team, marketing can feel like a drain on your time and resources. 

Consistent branding is the secret weapon to multiplying all of your marketing efforts. When you use the same visuals and messages in your marketing, each “impression” of your brand reinforces the last, leaving more of an impact on your audience. 

Think of a brand like a blueprint for your marketing efforts. With a blueprint, construction goes a lot smoother, and a lot quicker. Similarly, when you develop your brand you’re developing a consistent format for your visuals and words that act as a blueprint for marketing. This blueprint means that most of your marketing decisions are already made. 

How to start branding a new business

Starting your brand doesn’t have to be expensive, or require a lot of time. 

What it does require is intentional thought, but with the right tools you can have a solid foundation for your brand in just an hour or two. 

If you’re just putting together your business plan, then start by thinking about the answers to these 10 questions to guide you in your branding efforts. 

As a new business owner, you likely don’t have the resources to hire a professional to guide you through creating a brand. Branding Compass is a low-cost alternative built by branding professionals. With Branding Compass, you can get clear about your brand in as little as an hour. 

This self-guided online process will help you: 

  • Create a brand that reflects your unique business 
  • Fastrack the foundational work needed to create an impactful brand 
  • Get a clear direction on your brand’s colors, fonts, and messaging foundations 

Get started on your brand with Branding Compass today, and go into tomorrow with a strong brand that will help propel your business forward.