AI can be a great productivity tool, but it should never replace your decision making and creativity as a small business owner. So should you use AI for branding and marketing? 

When used correctly, certain AI tools can help you further your branding and marketing goals in less time. 

Read on to learn about: 

  • How you should use AI tools for branding and marketing your small business
  • When AI tools may do more harm than good
  • 5 AI tools to help you with your branding and marketing. 

Benefits of AI in branding and marketing 

AI tools can help you increase productivity because they can automate time-consuming and menial tasks. AI can even help you come up with creative ideas, which is crucial when it comes to branding and marketing a small business. 

The benefits of using AI in branding and marketing include: 

  • Frees up your time: As a business owner, you are expected to fill almost every role in your business. This leaves little time to devote to branding and marketing your business. 
  • Complements your skills: We can’t all be skilled in everything. AI tools can help with skills that may not be your strongest. For example, if you struggle with writing, AI can help you write any blog posts you may need. 
  • Helps you when you’re stuck: One of the biggest challenges in branding and marketing a small business is constantly coming up with ideas. AI can help you brainstorm ideas for content. 

Using AI means that you can do more with less. Less of your time as a business owner, and without having to hire someone to help with marketing.      

Drawbacks of AI in branding and marketing 

While AI can help be useful for some tasks, it has limitations. Trying to push AI use past its limitations can actively harm your brand. 

These are some drawbacks of using AI in branding and marketing: 

  • AI is not human: There are some tasks that only a human can do. AI is not capable of producing anything truly unique or new, because it bases everything it generates on existing data. 
  • AI is not a business owner: You are the business owner, and you have a unique vision and a reason why you started your business. AI cannot replace the unique things that you bring to the table. 
  • AI can harm your brand’s reputation: Authenticity is a big factor in brand reputation and trust. Most people view AI content and interactions as non authentic, because they do not reflect a real person. Using too much AI can lead your audience to feel “cheated”, or frustrated. 
  • AI use isn’t always ethical: AI art tools often use existing art a human has worked hard on to create AI generated art. While this isn’t illegal yet, it’s not always the most ethical practice. 

Do these drawbacks mean you should never use AI for your branding and marketing? No! 

AI can still be incredibly useful when you start with a strong brand foundation.

Start with a strong, unique brand vision and strategy  

Before turning to AI tools, you should establish your brand foundation, brand vision, and your overall marketing goals. 

Your brand vision is the “why” behind your business. Why did you open your business? Where do you want your business to go? 

Your brand foundation includes your visuals and messaging. Visual components of your brand foundation are your brand’s colors, fonts, and logo. The messaging components of your brand foundation include your Unique Value Proposition (what sets you apart from the competition), your main brand messages, and your brand voice. 

Your brand vision and brand foundation should give you direction in setting your overall marketing goals. What target audience are you trying to attract? What marketing channels will you focus on? 

Your brand needs to be unique. That doesn’t mean that you’re reinventing the wheel, but it means that you’re carving out a space where you connect with your target audience. 

No AI tool can make these decisions for you. Because an AI algorithm didn’t decide to start a business – you did. 

When you take the time to build a strong foundation for your brand, any AI tool that you use for branding and marketing will be much more productive, and more authentic to your brand. 

But just because you shouldn’t use AI to establish a brand foundation doesn’t mean you can’t have help.

Establish your brand foundation in as little as an hour with Branding Compass 

Branding Compass is a self-guided process that can streamline establishing a brand foundation. It’s not an AI tool – it was designed by a team with over 20 years of experience in branding and marketing small businesses. 

How does it work? You can start your Branding Compass workbook for free and you’ll get prompts that will help you get specific about your Unique Value Proposition, your target audience, and more. Branding Compass will then give you recommendations on brand colors, fonts, and messaging guidelines based on your answers. 

Branding compass usually takes one or two hours to complete, and by the end you’ll have clarity on your brand foundation. 

Once you have your brand foundation, you can use AI tools for branding and marketing your business.

5 AI tools for branding and marketing your business

These 5 AI tools will help you achieve your branding and marketing goals faster, and with less frustrations. 

#1 JasperAI – Content and copywriting

JasperAI is a copy and content writing tool that will help you write anything in your brand voice. It works like Chat-GPT

  • What it does: JasperAI works like Chat-GPT, meaning you can “talk” to it by using certain prompts.
  • Who it’s for: Any entrepreneur who finds it difficult to write for their business
  • What it costs: $39/month for their Creator tier meant for solopreneurs. Includes a 7 day free trial. 

#2 PhotoRoom – For product photos

PhotoRoom is the perfect tool for product photoshoots and photo editing. 

  • What it does: PhotoRoom removes image backgrounds and uses AI-generated backgrounds that look professional.
  • Who it’s for: If you have a product-based business.
  • What it costs: $89.99/year

#3 Chatfuel – AI chatbot

Do you struggle to answer all customer questions and concerns? Chatfuel can help!

  • What it does: Chatfuel is a virtual AI chatbot that will help you keep in touch with your customers.
  • Who it’s for: Customer-facing businesses that communicate with customers in multiple places.
  • What it costs: $14.39/month for up to 500 conversations. This should be plenty for small businesses.

#4 Canva – AI generated images and photo editing 

Do you want to quickly create professional images and graphics? Canva will be your new best friend. And with their new AI tools, you can do even more. 

  • What it does: Generates AI images, photo editing, easy image variations
  • Who it’s for: Any small business that needs to quickly create graphics
  • What it costs: Free to try! 

#5 Zapier – Automate workflows    

Zapier doesn’t help you create branding or marketing materials, but it will help you save time and work more efficiently. 

  • What it does: Connects all of your apps in one interface and creates intuitive workflows across apps. 
  • Who it’s for: Any business owner looking to save time (so, any business owner)
  • What it costs: Free to start, paid versions start at $19.99/month

AI tools can help you build momentum in your marketing, but they can’t create a brand for you out of thin air. Your brand is your own creation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have help creating your brand. 

Branding Compass can help you create the foundations of your brand in as little as an hour. Start for free, and get clarity on what sets you apart from your competition, what your brand colors and fonts should be, and your brand voice.