Your visuals create your brand. Beyond your logo, there are many places where your visual style appears: the design of your website, the decor in your store or office, the images you share on social media, your ads, menus, or proposals.

Photography is undoubtedly the most common form of an image, but there are many other options you might try. 

One of these ideas might be just the thing to make your brand stand out!

1. Distinctive typography

You might consider focusing your distinct design elements on the fonts and typography. Choosing a unique font (mainly if you concentrate on memorable quotes or other words) can be a unique way to bring your message front and center.

2. Turn your type into a graphic

You can use typography in bold and unexpected ways. Once your headlines or other words become big enough, they become a graphic element. Try using exciting fonts and bold colors, and consider rotating the words.

3. Stock illustrations

Some of the same websites with low-cost photos also sell low-cost stock illustrations. There is a trend toward computer-created drawings, which you see a lot on software sites. Stock illustrations come in various styles, and some look more hand-drawn, for example.

4. Geometric shapes

Large, distinct geometric shapes are a way to create a recognizable brand without paying for photographs or illustrations. You can use large blocks of colors, lines, or other shapes.

5. Focus on the numbers

Like focusing on words and fonts, you can also use numbers, charts, or graphs as design elements. If you use a lot of statistics, the numbers can be used in bold ways or within diagrams to make your data an engaging visual identity.