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The best Squarespace web design reflects your branding

One of the most important parts of your business’s brand is your website. If you run an e-commerce business, online course, or blog, your website is your business. Even if you have a retail store, professional service business, or are a consultant or coach, your website is likely one of the most visible parts of…  Continue reading »

Modern, Vintage, Minimalist: What logo style should you use for your brand?

Before you choose colors, finalize fonts, or pick a logo for your brand, you’ll first need to decide on a high-level approach to your design. Is your brand trendy or a market leader? Is it traditional and trustworthy? Is it innovative and cutting edge? Making this decision will set the tone for logo style and…  Continue reading »

Less is more: Creating the perfect minimalist logo and brand

At its very essence—and when done well—logo and brand design is an exercise in minimalism. Its purpose is to distill all the elements, values, characteristics, and personality of a business down into a few simple, attractive traits that quickly and clearly communicate what that brand stands for. Creating a minimalist brand is much harder than…  Continue reading »

What’s old is new: Creating a vintage logo and brand

When designing a logo or developing a brand, many businesses want it to be modern or even minimalist. While there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that approach, it’s not for every brand. Perhaps your brand represents a specific approach (such as a baker who uses small-batch, old world methods) or wants to capture a different…  Continue reading »

A fresh new look: Creating a modern logo design and brand

“Modern” is the most requested logo trait by businesses and startups who use Branding Compass. They want their image to reflect current tastes, styles, or even values. This is particularly important for businesses that are driven by trends—such as fashion or home goods—or that are constantly innovating—such as technology startups. But modern is much more…  Continue reading »

Five Ways to Get Affordable Branding

While starting your own business takes a great deal of effort, the work isn’t done once you launch your product or service. You need to get the word out about it. You need to communicate how your business is different and better than the competition. You need to attract and retain customers. This means you…  Continue reading »

How to Choose the Best Logo and Business Name: Insights from the BrandZ Top Brands Report

Think of what you’re doing right now. Reading a blog, that perhaps you found via Facebook or Google. Maybe you’re reading it on a phone made by Apple that you have with a wireless company like AT&T or Verizon. Or you’re on a computer running Microsoft that’s connected to internet service provided by Spectrum or…  Continue reading »

Avoid these 5 mistakes when choosing brand colors

Color is a key part of your visual identity and deciding on the best colors for your logo and branding can be tricky. Avoid making these common mistakes when you are choosing brand colors. 1. Choosing a color only because you like it “What color do you like?” This is the worst question to start…  Continue reading »

How many colors should a brand have?

Most companies have one or two “corporate colors” in their brand palette. Most commonly, these key colors match the colors in the company logo. But many brands may introduce secondary or additional colors into their marketing and branding. How many colors should a brand have? Limit your colors to maximize your brand impact Choosing only…  Continue reading »

What’s the best color for your logo? Use color psychology to find out

Color is a critical component of creating your brand identity. Research shows that 62‐90% percent of people’s assessment of products is based on color alone. With these staggering statistics, it’s important to consider color psychology when choosing colors for your logo and branding. Color is memorable. Think about the red NetFlix envelopes that used to…  Continue reading »

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