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What are Primary Brand Colors?

Think of the these famous brand colors:Yellow + Blue = Ikea Red + Yellow = McDonald’s You can probably almost picture the logo with just the colors. Color can evoke a brand almost without the logo, type, or any other imagery.  Primary brand colors (corporate colors) Color is an integral part of your brand. Your…  Continue reading »

Examples of Unique Value Propositions

Clearly explaining what you’re selling and why it’s beneficial is at the heart of marketing your business.  Once you know what’s most important to your buyers, you can ensure that message is included in your website headlines, your introduction or elevator pitch, and your other marketing materials. When you create one succinct way of describing…  Continue reading »

Value Proposition: What it is and why it’s helpful

Many online resources will tell you about the benefits of having a unique value proposition for your company. Still, there are few, if any, that help you create one. This void leads to business owners undervaluing the importance of their value proposition—a big mistake. We believe the best brands are built on the foundation of…  Continue reading »

How Consistent Branding Boosts Your Sales And Marketing

Many small business owners mistakenly believe all it takes for a prospect to buy is one interaction with their brand. The reality is it takes many more. It takes prospects an average of seven interactions with your brand before they consider buying from you. The most successful brands have the most recognizable visuals and messaging,…  Continue reading »

Answer These 10 Questions Before You Build Your Brand

Until you can answer these ten questions, you’re not ready to start working on your brand. When you work on those items too soon, you either waste money on off-target designs or get frustrated because you don’t have enough details and information to work on them. So put away the swatch book and stop trying…  Continue reading »

Branding Is Like Finding the Perfect Outfit

Creating a successful brand that is an asset for your business should reflect your inner vision and be attractive to prospective buyers. It would help to consider internal and external factors as you create your brand. This might remind you of how you might pick out what to wear to an important event.  Imagine you’re…  Continue reading »

Look Inside and Outside for the Strongest Brand

How to strengthen your brand by connecting your internal vision with external appeal A strong brand reflects the unique qualities of your business and attracts your ideal customers. The most successful brands work from an internal and external point of view. Rather than thinking of your internal and external forces like two sides in a…  Continue reading »

What Brand Assets Do You Need to Build a Website?

One of the hardest things about starting a business is figuring out what needs to be done first. There’s so much to do. It all feels critical. And to make it more confusing, it feels like you can’t finish some things before you do other things first. You’re going to want a website for your…  Continue reading »

How Important Is Your Website to Your Brand?

Your website is one of the most crucial brand assets for your business. Whether you have an e-commerce site—where your website is your business—or if your website is only for information purposes, it’s still critical to your brand. Your website pulls together all of the critical components of your brand You strengthen your brand by…  Continue reading »

Your Headshot Is an Important Part of Your Personal Brand

If you are a solopreneur, consultant, coach, or freelancer, your headshot may be your most important visual asset. If you are building your brand as a one-person company, you must get a professional photo taken of yourself. What is a headshot? A headshot is a photo of a person that usually shows their head and…  Continue reading »

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