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Should I Use My Name for My Business?

Many businesses are named after the founder. If you’re starting your own business you may be deciding whether or not your name should be part of your business name or even your complete business name. Examples of using your personal name in a business name  One way to use your name is in place of…  Continue reading »

Templates: The Good, Bad, and (Sometimes Very) Ugly

When you pick a stock theme or website template you could be making a big mistake in terms of your company’s branding. Read this post to learn why. We’re living in a DIY world, and many small business owners, especially new ones, start with one template to create their website, add another for their email…  Continue reading »

5 Tips for Working with Fonts

5 Tips for working with type and fonts to make your brand look professional Most small business owners find themselves creating their own social media posts, proposals, sales presentations, reports and more. If you don’t have the time or the money to have a designer create everything, here are a few tips to choose fonts…  Continue reading »

How Understanding Your Competition Can Help You Create a More Valuable Brand

Creating a brand that has real value to your business involves looking both inward and outward. Your brand should authentically reflect your unique capabilities and strengths. And it should stand out as distinct and different from your competitors. Think about how you might persuade a potential client of the difference between you and your competitors.…  Continue reading »

Why is brand consistency important for a new business?

One of the top pieces of advice people give new businesses is “consistency”. Consistency isn’t just important in the products and services you provide. Brand consistency can help build brand recognition that brings in a steady stream of customers. So why is brand consistency important for a new business? Read on to learn why, as…  Continue reading »

4 Overlooked Places to Build Brand Identity

As you build your brand identity, it is critical that you create a cohesive system across media. From your logo design to your web design to your printed sales and marketing materials, etc. Here are 4 smaller items that when done right, can have a big impact. 1-Social media backgrounds or cover images With Facebook,…  Continue reading »

5 Tips for Naming Your Business

As any founder knows, your new business is your baby. And one of the duties of every parent is to name their child. But there’s a lot more to naming your business than just coming up with a name you like. A good name will reinforce your brand and support what you want to do…  Continue reading »

Business Cards Dos & Don’ts for Business Owners

Business cards are still an important marketing tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Sure, the world has changed, but many people like to have something tangible to hold onto when they’re introduced to someone new, and personal and local connections are often the easiest way to get a business started. When you launch your business,…  Continue reading »

How to Keep Your Brand Looking Fresh

In a world where trends come and go faster than you can say “Branding Compass,” it’s more important than ever to maintain a timeless branding strategy that keeps your business relevant and engaging. Updating your branding can be essential to staying competitive and building customer loyalty. Understanding the importance of timeless branding and how you…  Continue reading »

Building your brand and your business

Many entrepreneurs face the same obstacles at the start of their journey. They need help with how to present their company and how best to explain their benefits and messaging to their target audience.  Many entrepreneurs go through the same journey on their way to consistent business branding.  It’s helpful to think about this journey…  Continue reading »

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