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How to Get the Best Logo Design from Fiverr

If you’re looking for affordable ways to work on your small business branding, you may consider going to Fiverr to get your logo designed. The service is cheap and fast, but understanding how it works will help you get the best logo design from Fiverr. How does Fiverr work? Fiverr provides a whole range of…  Continue reading »

Upgraded Branding Compass: 5 Great New Features

We’re excited to announce that we’ve completed a series of upgrades to Branding Compass. Now your personalized branding report is easier to use and more helpful for you as you develop your brand and create marketing materials. Here are the highlights of what’s new. 1. Immediate results! No waiting; your personalized branding report will now…  Continue reading »

Press Release: Online tool provides expert branding with instant turnaround

Branding Compass joins tools like SquareSpace and MailChimp in giving small businesses more control of their marketing PORTLAND, ME (May 13, 2019) — Branding Compass, a web-based branding app for small businesses, has announced the launch of their fully-automated branding process. By guiding users through an insightful and self-reflective discovery process, Branding Compass instantly provides…  Continue reading »

How to Edit your Unique Value Proposition

Branding Compass automatically writes your Unique Value Proposition Branding Compass does the heavy lifting by autogenerating a Unique Value Proposition based on your inputs in the online workbook, but you have the ability to edit this manually. Your UVP is made up of four sets of words that you developed while using the Branding Compass…  Continue reading »

Which Branding Compass License Should You Choose?

Branding Compass offers three different licenses: Standard, Pro and Premium. All of our licenses help you create a Unique Value Proposition. Our Standard report focuses on visual recommendations. Our Pro report gives visual recommendations, plus it helps you identify your ideal customer, review your competition and choose the best words. A Premium license is a…  Continue reading »

How to Write an Ideal Customer Description using Branding Compass

Your ideal customer description or ideal client description help you focus your marketing and brand positioning on who is most likely to buy from you. It is a phrase that will be part of your Unique Value Proposition. Within your Branding Compass workbook, follow these guidelines to write it in the best format. Don’t capitalize…  Continue reading »

How to Create An Ideal Customer Profile

Develop your ideal customer profile with Branding Compass When you are developing your brand, it’s important to think about who your ideal customers are. If you have an established business, think about your favorite customers or clients. Who do you love to work with, who loves your product, what types of customers are most profitable…  Continue reading »

How to Write About the Benefits of Your Product or Service

Branding Compass will help you write your Unique Value Proposition As you work through your Branding Compass workbook, you will be asked to write one succinct benefits statement. It’s important to understand that this is not a complete sentence but a phrase that will go into a longer statement. We will use it to create…  Continue reading »

How to Use Branding Compass

What to expect with Branding Compass Here’s how Branding Compass works: You’ll start with our online workbook. Branding Compass asks you the same sorts of questions that a brand consultant would ask you. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you—you’ll use pick lists, drag-and-drop rankings and short answers to quickly identify what makes…  Continue reading »

Define Your Ideal Customer: Demographic and Psychographic Segmentation

The more you can define your ideal customer, the easier it is to attract your ideal customer. Why narrow your ideal customer base? It feels counter-intuitive, but the more you focused you are, the greater your chance of business success. It can feel scary to limit our pool of prospects, but the problem is that…  Continue reading »

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