Creating a successful brand that is an asset for your business should reflect your inner vision and be attractive to prospective buyers. It would help to consider internal and external factors as you create your brand.

This might remind you of how you might pick out what to wear to an important event. 

Imagine you’re getting ready to go to a wedding, a job interview, or a promising first date. You want to find an outfit that shows off your style and fits you well, and you also want something that will make a good impression when other people see it. 

branding is liek finding the perfect outfit

Make an excellent first impression

While you want to express your style and be comfortable in the clothes you choose to wear, you are also considering other people. 

When choosing an outfit for an event, we often think first about external factors. What is typically worn or is expected? What will others be wearing? You may want to be dressed appropriately—not too fancy, not too casual. So you do research. You ask about a workplace dress code or attire for a wedding. Or, you ask friends and family what they think is appropriate to wear. 

As you select your clothes, you want to look your best and hope to be viewed positively by others. You want an interviewer to take you seriously. You want a date to find you sexy. You want your friends to think you look thin, young, fun, or sophisticated.

Show your style

At the same time, your clothes are an opportunity to show off your unique style. What you choose to wear expresses much about you and can be important for first impressions. Do you prefer something casual or more dressed up on that first date? For an interview, do you want to fit in or stand out?

Don’t forget the functionality

When choosing an outfit, you also consider what you’ll be doing — dancing, sitting outside in the cold, being on a Zoom call. Your clothes should fit you well doing what you need to do. And hopefully, you look good at the same time.

Develop your brand like you choose an outfit

Think of your brand as an outfit for your business. What fits with your style? What’s appropriate? What’s appealing to others?