How brand perception influences pricing

A key consideration as you create your brand (or rebrand your company) is your brand perception. The way your brand is viewed is the key to you being able to charge what you want for your services. How much would you pay for a hamburger? Restaurants provide an easy way to understand how brand perception…  Continue reading »

Do Multiple Businesses Need Multiple Brands?

Many small business owners have more than one business. They may be part-time side hustles or split their time between two or more ventures. As the owner of multiple businesses, you must decide if they all run under one brand or if each business needs its distinct brand. There are pros and cons to each…  Continue reading »

How To Use Canva to Create Consistent Branding

Why consistency is vital to your branding While “branding” can be defined in many ways, it comes down to the message conveyed to customers when they hear your name. It’s how customers know what to expect from your products and services. This is why it’s vital that the visual representation of your branding remains consistent.…  Continue reading »

Glossary of Branding Terms

Avatar A name created for your Ideal Client. Brand The entire tangible and intangible experience of your product or company is condensed into something recognizable.  Read more about the Definition of Brand and Branding and 13 Definitions of Brand and Branding. Branding Actively creating a unified story and visuals to represent your product or service.…  Continue reading »

Why choose a Google font for your corporate font (and why not)

What are Google Fonts? According to the Google Fonts website, “Google Fonts is a library of 1455 open source font families and APIs for convenient use via CSS and Android. Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography and iconography.”  Google fonts are free, readily available, and easy to use. For these…  Continue reading »

What are corporate fonts?

Typography and the fonts you use are essential to your visual brand. Beyond the words’ message, the fonts used in your brand identity and marketing say a lot about your business. A heavy slab serif can look bold, and a soft curvy script can look approachable and friendly. Primary brand fonts Selecting and using only…  Continue reading »

What are Primary Brand Colors?

Think of the these famous brand colors:Yellow + Blue = Ikea Red + Yellow = McDonald’s You can probably almost picture the logo with just the colors. Color can evoke a brand almost without the logo, type, or any other imagery.  Primary brand colors (corporate colors) Color is an integral part of your brand. Your…  Continue reading »

Examples of Unique Value Propositions

Clearly explaining what you’re selling and why it’s beneficial is at the heart of marketing your business.  Once you know what’s most important to your buyers, you can ensure that message is included in your website headlines, your introduction or elevator pitch, and your other marketing materials. When you create one succinct way of describing…  Continue reading »

Value Proposition: What it is and why it’s helpful

Many online resources will tell you about the benefits of having a unique value proposition for your company. Still, there are few, if any, that help you create one. This void leads to business owners undervaluing the importance of their value proposition—a big mistake. We believe the best brands are built on the foundation of…  Continue reading »

How Consistent Branding Boosts Your Sales And Marketing

Many small business owners mistakenly believe all it takes for a prospect to buy is one interaction with their brand. The reality is it takes many more. It takes prospects an average of seven interactions with your brand before they consider buying from you. The most successful brands have the most recognizable visuals and messaging,…  Continue reading »

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